Daniel S. Pumpkins’ 🎃 Post Status Halloween TechHorror Roundup

It’s our Halloween roundup of ghoul tools, but we’re not going to show you anything scarier than David Bisset‘s dev dad joke tweets. Just Blocks Made of Humans, a totally non-scary image creation AI — as long as you do not install the Performance Loab plugin. Also in our cauldron: hairy, scary Block Styles and the classic so-lean-it’s-skeletal ingredient, Balsamiq. 🦇

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WordPress Design & Development Haunts Around the Web

Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in the world of design and development in the WordPress space this past week. Halloween edition!

Blocks Made of Humans

Well, not really, but here is a great overview of all the ways you can make a custom block with code examples from the lovely gremlins at Human Made. It’s nice to have so many examples in one place with links to a few resources I hadn’t seen before.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Image Will Devour Them All?!

The folks at Bertha AI have announced that their plugin now features an image creation module. This is another major step towards seeing artificial intelligence integrated into the WordPress stack. I have not taken it for a spin yet but intend to kick the tires around this weekend to conjure up some spooky hellscapes.

Your Blocks Are Scaring The Children

Post Status members Roy Sivan and James Tryon have been working on their own suite of design tools for the Block Editor lovingly called Block Styles. Recently they’ve been on fire with so many updates and new features that it’s hard not to be excited. For me, the responsive tools alone are the killer feature that I needed. I’ve tried so many plugins for better responsive control, and this one feels the closest to what I would expect. Follow them on Twitter as they share how they’re evolving these tools.

Cool Tools for Ghouls

Each week we feature one cool tool that can help make your life easier as a WordPress builder.

Just Add Some Balsamiq with an Eye of Newt

Balsamiq does one thing and does it well — it’s an application for creating wireframes. I’ve tried using Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, Visio, Sketch, real sketches, and more. Every time I end up coming back to Balsamiq because it’s so easy to get the vision out of my head and onto the screen. I know it’s been around a long time and its roots actually came from a Flash-built web app, but it has evolved to be a no-bloat application that lets you get in, do what you need, and get out.

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