Business Roundup Week Ending April 7

The Ultimate No-Code Website?

Need a website in the blink of an eye? With, it’s as easy as pie! Enter your business name and keywords, then sit back and enjoy – this magical AI will give you a stunning site with no code to deploy!

Editor’s Note: This technology used with BoldGrid, Extendify, or WP Squared would be great for WordPress. (Hint, hint)

Why virtual volunteering is a perfect match for hybrid work (

• Virtual volunteering allows flexibility, team engagement, and employee stress relief.

• Companies are increasingly investing in virtual corporate volunteerism, leading to an increase in logged hours of 14.2 million in 2022.

• Employees volunteering professionally gain better promotion opportunities, while companies benefit from increased recruitment and retention rates.

• HP employees logged 250,000 volunteer hours in 2022, with a 90% year-over-year increase as more projects shifted to the hybrid model. 

• Cristina Dumitru’s project facilitated mentoring programs virtually to teach at-risk teens and young adults computer and career skills, leading her mentee to enroll in university studies. 

• Hybrid volunteering will combine the best virtual projects with the empathy of face-to-face social connection for a “win-win” situation.

Editor”s Note: WordPress companies like Five for the Future or Yoast Contributor Day are no strangers to this concept.

Open-source billing alternative?

Lago Open Source Billing is an advanced billing solution that enables businesses to automate their billing processes. It provides a secure and customizable invoicing, payments, and accounting infrastructure. Its powerful features include real-time analytics to help companies to track customer activity, automated time tracking and invoicing, and integrated payment gateways for easy payments. Lago also enables businesses to create custom workflows and automation, ensuring the most efficient billing process.

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