Business Roundup Week Ending December 15

Smart Strategies to Demonstrate the Value of Accessibility to Clients

  • Start with educating your clients about the value of making their site accessible. Yes, it’s the law in many places — but that’s not the main reason to make a site accessible.
  • Add accessibility monitoring and remediation to existing service packages (or create new standalone offerings).
  • Don’t overpromise. Stick to addressing WCAG issues, not blanket “compliance” and disclose team skills honestly.
  • Immerse clients in an accessibility-conscious mindset for long-term investments.
  • Do you have a plan in place to help your clients understand and implement the best accessibility practices?

Contributing to WordPress as a Non-Coder

  • WordPress thrives on community contributions. Non-coders can provide documentation, support, marketing skills and more by joining Make WordPress teams. 
  • Attend WordCamp Contributor Days to network and get oriented on processes, connect with team members, and observe contributor meetings/work sessions to learn the process.
  • Start small – find a quick, simple first issue to work on via GitHub repositories. Ask teams for suggestions, they want to help you help the project.
  • Above all, just get started. Every contributor makes a big difference.
  • What could you do to contribute to WordPress to benefit the entire community?

Google Wants to Use Your Phone Data to Tell You Your Life Story

  • “Imagine opening ChatGPT but it already knows everything about your life. What would you ask it?”
  • Google is exploring using AI called Project Ellmann to create life stories and memories from phone data and photos to enhance personalized recommendations and insights (and, of course, generate more ad revenue for Google).
  • The project aims to create a personalized chatbot that is trained on you by understanding your search history, spotting patterns in your photos, and examining your habits around food, shopping, work, hobbies, etc.
  • Certainly this creates privacy concerns, but what do you think about the use of your data in this way?

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