Business Roundup Week Ending December 8

Beware: WordPress Security Scams Targeting Agencies

The WP Awards 2023 Winners Announced

  • Yesterday, The WP Awards announced the winners of their annual awards across 27 categories.
  • Almost 6000 voters weighed in on their favorite tools and resources.
  • ACF was the top scorer with 1570 votes in the Dynamic Data Plugins category.
  • The Admin Bar was voted top WordPress community with 1279 votes.
  • Wordfence won as top security plugin with 1099 votes.
  • RankMath SEO was rated top SEO Plugin with 1074 votes.
  • Elementor took the honor of favorite page builder with 1023 votes.
  • Did your favorites win? Check out the full results

Gemini: Google’s Bold Bet to Lead the AI Race

  • Gemini is Google’s latest large language model, which it claims will outperform ChatGPT’s GPT-4 on 30 out of 32 AI benchmarks.
  • Gemini comes in multiple configurations for different uses, from on-device to browser-based.
  • Coding appears to be a real strength for Gemini, as its integrated AlphaCode 2 technology allegedly surpasses 85% of human coders in competitions. Consider the implications of that!
  • Gemini is available now in Google Bard, and the mobile version can be accessed on the Pixel 8 OS.
  • It will become available to developers on December 13 in the Google Cloud API.
  • How could Gemini’s capabilities reshape your digital services and operations?

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