Business Roundup Week Ending February 10

GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar, announced layoffs yesterday. This move affected hundreds of employees who had relied on the company for their livelihoods. The releases come from GoDaddy shifting its focus to digital transformation and automation. These reductions follow a pattern of cost-cutting seen in many tech companies this year. The affected employees will receive severance packages and other benefits, but the upheaval is still likely to cause disruption and uncertainty among those affected by the news.

Gatsby, the popular open-source framework for building modern websites and apps, recently announced their partnership with Netlify. This connection lets Gatsby users quickly deploy their sites on Netlify’s ultra-fast and secure hosting platform. With this collaboration, Gatsby developers can now access new features for building faster and more efficient websites. Additionally, integrating with Netlify’s hosting platform will enable Gatsby developers to take advantage of improved performance and increased scalability. It’s an exciting time for the web development community as Gatsby continues to provide innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional web development and modern app development. is a micro-blogging service quickly becoming the go-to choice for companies looking to bypass Twitter. offers a unique and flexible platform with custom post types, hashtag support, and threaded conversations that make it ideal for businesses. With, companies can curate their content to target specific audiences and maximize visibility while gaining control over how their posts are presented and shared throughout the network. As more companies become aware of these benefits, will likely be an increasingly attractive alternative to Twitter shortly.

Tech Radar recently named Kinsta and Liquid Web the world’s most reliable web hosts. Both web hosting services boast state-of-the-art infrastructure built with advanced hardware and software to ensure customers have a secure and reliable connection. Kinsta also offers remote access to its servers, allowing customers to easily manage their sites with complete control over their security settings. Meanwhile, Liquid Web provides enhanced performance by leveraging enterprise-grade hardware and software development tools and providing 24/7 customer service for technical support. These two companies have earned the title of the world’s most reliable web hosts due to the stability and reliability they provide their customers.

HostPapa recently acquired the hosting web portion of Deluxe, making them one of the most comprehensive web hosting companies in North America. With the acquisition, HostPapa now has access to a wide range of products and services that Deluxe has provided since 1995, including domain name registration, email services, website analytics, and managed WordPress hosting. The acquisition is a strategic move for HostPapa as they look to expand its product offering and grow its base of customers. HostPapa is now well-positioned to become a leader in the web hosting industry by offering an array of services that appeal to small and medium businesses.

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