Business Roundup Week Ending January 5

Understanding Gmail and Yahoo DMARC Requirements for Bulk Sending

  • Google and Yahoo are turning what was once considered best practices for email authentication into mandatory requirement.
  • Beginning next month, senders who don’t comply with the new requirements will start to see issues getting their emails delivered.
  • All senders must authenticate emails using SPF, and DKIM.
  • Sending more than 5,000 emails per day will require DMARC as well.
  • Failure to comply risks emails being rejected or sent to spam.
  • How will these new rules impact your agency and your clients?
  • Learn more in these helpful articles from Postmark and ProofPoint

The Changing Role of Digital Agencies

  • Since marketing has become increasingly digital, the term “digital agency” has lost relevance.
  • Skills that were once specialized are now standard practice, and AI threatens to automate many agency services.
  • Highly tailored industry and platform-specific expertise is rising in importance compared to general digital skills.
  • Forward looking agencies should focus on high-level strategy and leadership along with specialty niches.
  • Will 2024 Mark the End of the ‘Digital Agency’? What is YOUR plan to get ahead of your competitors and adapt to the shifting landscape?
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Is AI Coming for the Influencers?

  • Several brands running experiments using AI tools to create synthetic “virtual influencers” for advertising campaigns.
  • The new approach promises similar impact at a fraction of the cost, and present a threat to influencers who depend on branded content deals for their income.
  • Cultivating a real human following still seems essential (for now).
  • As with other creative fields, AI aims to peel away basic economic functions of the influencer business for automation at lower cost.
  • Success will likely encourage more experimentation until virtual influencers become mainstream (or the novelty wears thin).
  • What do you think about AI taking the place of human influencers? Would you be more or less “influenced” by AI?
  • Read more in this provocative article in The Intelligencer.

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