Business Roundup Week Ending March 10

Google Optimize Sunsetting

Google recently announced it would shut down its Optimize and Optimize 360 services. These tools were designed to help website owners optimize their content and user experience through A/B testing and personalization features. The decision to shut down these services surprises many in the digital marketing community, as they are widely used and highly regarded by users. Google cited the need to focus on other areas of its business as the reason for the shutdown. While current users of Optimize and Optimize 360 will still have access until early 2023, Google has recommended that they begin transitioning to alternative optimization tools as soon as possible. This news marks a significant shift in the digital marketing landscape, with many wondering what new offerings Google may bring.

The State of Tech Talent Acquisition 2023

General Assembly recently released its highly anticipated report, “The State of Tech Talent Acquisition 2023,” which provides insights into the future of hiring in the technology industry. The information is based on interviews with industry experts and data from surveys of over 1,000 hiring managers and recruiters. Among the key findings are predictions that remote work will continue to be a significant trend, with many companies adopting hybrid models that allow for in-person and remote work. Additionally, there will likely be an increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices and a growing demand for candidates with skills in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The report offers valuable insights for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in tech talent acquisition, making it a must-read for HR professionals and business leaders.

TAB State of WP Professionals Report 2023

Kyle Van Deusen of The Admin Bar surveyed 667 WordPress professionals from more than 50 countries who participated in a comprehensive survey in February of 2023:

• 77% of the participants ran their agency as a full-time job and 23% as a side hustle. 

• 68% reported positive feelings about WordPress’ current state, 28% reported being neutral, and 4% reported feeling negative about it. 

• 65% reported that their businesses were growing, 31% said they were stagnant, and 4% said they were declining.

Pantheon Hosting Layoffs? 

Multiple former Pantheon employees were laid off this week; reports suggest marketing was the most affected. At the time of publishing, news articles have yet to be written about the layoffs.

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