Why do designers quit their jobs?

Matej Latin did a survey of designers who quit their jobs and discovered:

  • No career progression opportunities and unhappiness with the work they do were about equal, at about 20% each.
  • Problems with company culture came next.
  • A lack of UX maturity was third followed by salary, poor relationships with management, and misalignment with company values.

Matej was surprised by two other findings: “designers don’t have problems with a lack of speed anymore, and they want the possibility to work remotely.” Also, “Design generalists are happier with the work they do.”

Some good questions set aside for future consideration:

Does seniority of designers correlate with UX maturity of a company? If yes, how? Why are more senior designers less happy with the work they do? Is the UX industry as a whole becoming top-heavy? What will happen to all these senior designers who can’t get promoted?

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