WordPress Layoffs: Some Resources

It’s been a common conversation lately. More and more companies have been reducing their staffs through layoffs. Concerning at least, terrifying at most. And as we seem to be entering (or are already into) a recession, it feels like it doesn’t have an end in sight.

Here at Post Status we could report about what companies are doing what, and wax long and laboriously about the cost/benefits, hardships, ecosystem issues, etc., but what we’d rather do is be a resource for you.

So let’s focus on how we can help, instead.

We’ve compiled places where you’ll find information about jobs that are available.

Résumé Help

Writing a résumé doesn’t have to be difficult, but it sometimes seems so very overwhelming. Here are some resources to help you craft yours.

Job Search Help

Now that you’ve got your résumé done, here are some resources for finding tech jobs.


We’ve all heard it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and while that may not be strictly true, it certainly does help to have connections to places that are hiring.

Here are some articles on making the most of networking.

Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a huge resource for job searching and hiring. Here are some articles on sprucing up your LinkedIn profile to make the most of your connections there.

Your Mental Health

Guarding your mental health isn’t easy when you’ve experienced a layoff. There are people who care and can help you through the difficult times.

Ongoing Support

If you have other resources we should add, tell us below and we’ll update this post.

If you’ve been laid off, we want to help. Reach out through our contact page and we’ll hook you up with a year of membership so you can network in our Slack community, too.

Best wishes as you find your next great job. We’re cheering for you!

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