Ask a #WordPress Question: As a Senior Developer with little WordPress experience, how can I best showcase my WordPress skills to clients?

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This one is from Jordan at

Coming in as a Senior Dev / Senior Dev (w/o much WordPress), how can I best showcase WordPress skills to clients?
My background is that I’m senior developer / tech lead. I haven’t been on any project involving WordPress, but obviously, with my background, that shouldn’t be an issue even for intensive projects. How would you recommend I approach getting in touch with WP clients in order to show them I can absolutely take on your project? I already have a website & portfolio that showcases general development work. Should I publish WordPress-related articles? If so, what do you think would provide the most effective topics for content?


Post Status Members replied:

Thomas Maier from WebGilde: I think the market is in his favor and many companies would give him a chance to show what he can do. I have done that in the past with devs who didn’t know WP. With mixed results, but it pays off when you get lucky. So he should just be open about not having WP dev experience, but being interested in acquiring it and maybe coming up with a strategy on how he will.

Kim Coleman from Paid Memberships Pro: It sounds like this person is looking for direct client work (freelancing) vs to be hired by an agency (contractor)? If this were me I would write up some packages with a WP focus, such as an e-commerce site setup or migration to WP from another site’s backend/custom backend. Being a ‘senior WP developer’ is great to get hired, but I imagine the customer wants to know if you can just do the exact thing they need (e.g. configure a portal for a virtual event or build a company intranet or handle technical aspects of launching my membership site or course). Clients probably won’t vet your WP experience as deeply as an agency and are more likely looking for keywords that you “get it” for what THEY need.

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