Business Roundup Week Ending June 2

Sales Recovery for Shopify (and maybe Woo soon?) is a chatbot-building platform aimed at assisting web agencies and developers to create intelligent chatbots with ease. The platform features an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, simplifying the chatbot development process. Its AI capabilities enable the creation of chatbots that can effectively engage customers and deliver personalized experiences. Additionally, offers advanced analytics, providing valuable insights into user behavior and helping optimize chatbot performance. This platform is an innovative tool for those looking to streamline communication and improve efficiency in their customer interactions.

New Way to Give Interactive Product Demos

Folio is an all-in-one product demo builder that helps you create interactive, customizable online product demos to explain your products, empower prospects, and boost conversions meaningfully.

Mullenweg + Buytaert on Future of Open-Source CMS

The article on WPTavern highlights a conversation between the co-founders of WordPress and Drupal, Matt Mullenweg and Dries Buytaert, who discuss the future of the web, open-source AI, and the role of their content management systems (CMS) in shaping the digital landscape. They emphasize the importance of ethical AI integration within open-source platforms, addressing concerns about data privacy and algorithmic biases. The co-founders also share their vision for enhancing the capabilities of their respective CMS platforms by leveraging AI technologies to improve user experience, content creation, and overall performance. The discussion provides valuable insights into the direction influential open-source projects like WordPress and Drupal may take in the coming years.

Layoff Kit (By Me!)

Are you looking for a job? Check out these excellent tools to make the search a little less soul-crushing. From job search engines to networking platforms, we have the goods to help you land that dream gig. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to employment glory. Let’s do this.

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