Launching a WordPress Product in Public: Session 16


In this episode, Cory Miller and Corey Maass explore the delicate balance between professionalism and creativity in branding and marketing. They also discuss the importance of incorporating feedback into the product development process, utilizing user testing and testimonials to refine features and continually improve. The impact of their collaborative efforts has led to clarity around the momentum of partnering can bring to the creative process.

Top Takeaways:

  • Balancing Professionalism and Creativity. The balance between professionalism and creativity in branding and marketing can be difficult. Even for playful, fun brands, there is a need to maintain a level of professionalism. Clean designs, corporate markets, and conveying value to potential customers are important.
  • Using Feedback for Product Refinement. There is value in receiving feedback and incorporating it into the product development process. User testing, testimonials, and refining the features offer continual improvement opportunities. Creating a product that meets the needs of the target audience and continually improving it based on user feedback requires commitment.
  • Leveraging Collaboration for Productivity. The productive nature of collaboration and bouncing ideas off each other is energizing. Take time to brainstorm, make suggestions, and provide insights that contribute to refining the product and marketing strategies with your teams. A collaborative approach helps generate new ideas, solve problems, and keep the momentum flowing.

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Session 16 Corey & Cory Launch a WordPress Product Live

C&C 16

[00:00:00] Corey Maass: Everything sounds like a country song.

Working from Panera.

Good, I got that

screaming live on.

Apparently country music for me is all, um, ing. Yeah. Is all, uh, what was that show? Beverly Hillbillies. Oh man. Classic. You can tell I don’t listen to country music. Well, I’m 

[00:00:42] Cory Miller: from Oklahoma, so it’s kind of wired in. 

[00:00:46] Corey Maass: Yes, you’d have to.

[00:00:50] Cory Miller: We got song Dance by Corey. This is a great way to start a webinar. Section 16, launching a product. What is on our agenda, my friend? I think I have some two things. Logo and website. 

[00:01:10] Corey Maass: What’s on your, uh, for me, the big thing is I. Wound up doing a couple of pretty good re refactors again, of the plugin. Um, I, in in particular, I coded myself into a corner or had coded myself into a corner and then, um, putting things over.

So there’s, there’s sort of two versions of. In, in coding parlance you have instances of things, right? So there’s sort of two instances of the app. Um, one is sitewide and then one is per post or per. Per object. So attached to a podcast episode or attached to a post article or attached to something, you wanna have images, um, and then attached to the entire site, which in WordPress, there is no site thing.

Um, so there’s, you know, these sort of two instances of apps and I had done a lot of coding initially. Where I had abstracted out for these two instances and then done a bunch of refactoring based on our conversations for the site-wide instance, and then porting that back over to apply to posts and things.

Um, it all broke, um, or I encoded myself into a corner in a number of ways. So I wound up just ripping it all out and simplifying it. So we’re real close. Um, but I’m between, uh, allergies and, uh, life getting in the way. I’ve been feeling a little burned out. Um, I messaged you the other night like I have, uh, you can hear me sniffle and, um, Yeah, and in insomnia that I suffer from once in a while.

And so I’m staying up all night coding, which is not, I’m, I’m coding because I’m up all night. I’m not staying up all night coding. But it, because of that, I tend to like burn out and I’m, I’ve also, I’ve solved these problems four times now. I just need to keep cleaning them up and keep revising them. So the truth is I’m taking a couple of days away from the project.

But we’re close. I mean, I keep saying that week after week, but um, I do think that we’re, as soon as we get a logo locked down, which helps to find colors and styles, which helps to find the website, it also lets me go back into the app and plug in the logo in a couple of places and then, you know, it’s sort of branding complete version 0 0 1.

And then, you know, I think we can roll from there. 

[00:04:01] Cory Miller: Okay. Um, that’s, that’s a great update. And then transitioning to the logo for a second. So it just made me think as I’m, I want, I want to talk through those logos that we were just talking through on Slack. I’ll screen share those in a second, but it just made me think I’m doing this horizontal one particularly.

Mm-hmm. With the designer. And what are the needs for plugin? Like, do we need just a logo mark, for instance? Brandmark, whatever do we need to, what, what kind of ratios and sizes do you need? 

[00:04:33] Corey Maass: Right. I, the, the, the one that I, we were talking about the most just a minute ago is horizontal omg i m g next to each other.


sorry. Um, oh, now we know all your secrets. So, uh, This one. I like the font choice, but the graphic is kind of meh, like it’s been done before. I like the colors. Um, this one I like conceptually better and I dropped in a few notes. I honestly think that they should take the font from the first one and do this treatment to it, simplifying it, taking out the drop shadow.

And I liked your suggestion of switch or reversing it. Um, and then the color’s up here. Exactly. So it’s bigger and bold. Yeah. And then, and then honestly, I think that’s good enough. Um, okay. The, so yeah, if they swap out the, the, the font, cuz then it’ll be, the font feels more square, big and bold, simple. And, and at that point, what I guess I anticipate doing is if you’ve got OMG next to img, um, it’s easy enough to put one on top of the other.

So you might actually tell them like, you know, here are our notes and please com create one that is horizontal as they’re doing now, but, but one that’s stacked with OMG over img. So maybe the OMG is, is in color and the IMG is in black or something. Um, but honestly, that way we’ve got. I think we, we cover our bases, right?

We’ve got a horizontal version and we’ve got a essentially a square version. Hey, you’re wondering if I 

[00:06:29] Cory Miller: remembered? I’m sharing 

[00:06:30] Corey Maass: my screen. I, I did. Yeah. I see that

this is the true ride along entrepreneur ride along.

I like that ride along. Oh yeah. There’s a, a subreddit called Entrepreneur Ride Along.

It’s not a great subreddit, but I, I like the, I like the gist of it and some of it there occasionally. There’s a good question or a good post.

And honestly, I, I will, I think instead of gray, it should be, it should be black and white, so it’s color going, but it, but we don’t, we can, I can change that when we get it. That’s fine. Yeah.

Okay. So yeah, use that font, flip it upside down. Um, remove the drop shadow. I don’t, I don’t like that. The 3D effect of it doesn’t do anything for me,


[00:08:16] Cory Miller: I’m looking at where are you seeing shadow, like right here. 

[00:08:19] Corey Maass: Yeah, so that bar has a shadow below it.

Um, and then lastly, if they make those changes, um, create a version where the OMG is above the img.

So it’s, we, this is a, if this is a, a horizontal, ver horizontal version, we need a, yeah, it’s essentially a, a vertical version. Ooh, that’s 

[00:08:53] Cory Miller: awesome. The top could be colors, um, g the bottom, and there’s a bar. Okay, cool. Yep. 

[00:09:00] Corey Maass: Let’s see.

And for anybody who asks, it’s, oh my gosh, images. Because we are non religiously affiliated.

I would say another version that is vertical.

Yes. Okay. And I think, I think that’s fine.

I like the color choices. I like the feel of it and as we’ve talked about it, like we could, we could spend tons of time and effort, but good enough. It’s cute, it’s interesting. Like it, it does what I wanted. Um, whatever it was that I had in my head, I didn’t have any, you know, the requirements that were in my head.

It’s like bold and fun and interesting. The big, big heavy font like that to me says like O M G I M G, you know, it feels, it matches the name. Um, I like the colors vi, vibrant. Interesting. So 

[00:10:21] Cory Miller: I almost wonder, like on the vertical one, it’s like leave a little black on the omg. Mm-hmm. Like the bars maybe split a little bit.

Okay, let me, that’s in, that’s in progress now. Great. Next thing I had was website and, um, I don’t think you’re in the space to be able to do this, but, um, just focused on logo and I only had time for logo, so I didn’t get website going, but the, I’m gonna go back on pod squeeze K card. Text content and I’ll just start getting buckets of text 

[00:11:06] Corey Maass: for those blocks.

Yeah, I think if you wanna even just do it, um, flat, so on, you know, open up a Google Doc or something. Let’s look at the few different, um, websites that we’ve bookmarked for design and content. Um, and we found this awesome new site this morning, um, called, where’d it Go? Jelly Laid and their their welcome screen.

Uh, how do we want to, how, how does one say it? Uh, we can be, we can be inspired by. Inspired by, so, Yeah, I mean, and, and big props to Jelly La um, j e l l y l a d e, whether, um, whether we’re we, we borrow from them or not. It’s a really neat site, well laid out, well thought out. Um, and there’s a number of overlap.

Number of overlaps where they, they’re creating screenshots and beautiful screenshots. So they’re one of those kinds of tools. We’re doing something a little different, but, you know, some of the UI elements end up being the same, creating, um, specific sized images and stuff like that, just like we were doing for Crop Express.

So, um, but I like the, what I realized on, on looking at their site, um, where is it about, So here I can share. Maybe don’t need to do subtitles, I need to share the screen.

Um, so they’re, they’re heavy on listing out features, not benefits. So, um, but we did like, uh, some of the, the wording. Um, for your website and social media, um, that resonated. So the, so anyway, we’ve got that guy and we’ve got, um, what did you say? Squeeze was the other one we really liked the look of. Yeah.

And then, um, this one I just really liked. Again, running with the, the big, bold colors. Um, I just liked the big, bold fonts, so I think this might be a treatment that we look at doing, um, when we actually sit down and design our site. But it’s, uh, you know, if so, Yes. I don’t think we should sit here and, and try to actually mock up the site right now, but if we want to create essentially a, a, just a flat doc, because I mean, most standard websites, you, you have a hero era area with a title, a paragraph, and a call to action testimonials.

You’ve got, you know, list the three benefits kind of thing. I mean, most of these sites are pretty. Have similar sections. So I think if we go through and we can lock down just some wording. Um, and then once we have the colors and things from the logo set up, like we could just, we have text. We could just drop in.

Hey, I’m gonna 

[00:14:49] Cory Miller: start that. I can share it 

[00:14:51] Corey Maass: with you. Cool. I’ll stop sharing. You could share a dot.

Yeah. Perfect.

With the little back and forth in Slack we came up with.

Yeah. So this is very dry,

but the tagline of, I’m just opening the doctor.

Yeah, create professional images. Love that. One of the things that I reacted to, I realized thinking about the tagline, um, from, um, jelly La was there’s those create beautiful something, something and, you know, I’m like, well, beauty is at the behi in the eye of the beholder. And I always pry really hard not to.

Fall into words that are, it’s like the, the tagline that every, uh, every website tries at least once of the, the, the that you’ll actually use, you know, and stuff like that. And it’s all just fluffy. So it’s like, I, I, I think you and I have talked about this before, like we’d rather it actually said what it did.


[00:17:19] Cory Miller: I’m trying to go back and find, because you, you made some points, I think in Slack 

[00:17:25] Corey Maass: that I wanna

try to scan it.

It’s like at some point, you know, you wanna, uh, uh, a clever turn of phrase tends to be the big headline and then, excuse me. Um, and then we’ve got that little. Paragraph underneath. So some of this could get ex extended. Um, the other thing we can do since the world, this is the world we live in now. Uh, we open up chat g p t and we say generate 10.

Whoever we’re ways to summarize.


right. 10 clever taglines. To summarize the following statements,

I should have shared my screen for people who are not.

See, uh, have not played with chat G p T.

So that’s what.


[00:19:18] Cory Miller: you know what? It’s not on here. It’s over here, I think. 

[00:19:23] Corey Maass: Oh, there you go. It’s notes.

So professionalism at your fingertips. Images that speak a thousand words.

Professionalism made easy. Anyway, these are all good phrases to play with. Oh,

[00:20:02] Cory Miller: something about your image matters. 

[00:20:05] Corey Maass: Hmm,

I stumped chat. G p t

[00:20:27] Cory Miller: right here. I like this one. Turn your content into captivating social images. Yep. Right there. 

[00:20:35] Corey Maass: Oh my word. Oh my word. All right, so then I

said rewrite them with using puns or light humor. And so version two, humor. You ready for this? I actually really like these. Don’t let your social media be a blur.

Website, feeling math, spice it up with professional social images.

You just tell it to be funny. Yeah. I said, well, I said Add, add a pun or light humor. Words are great. Images are greater. That’s honestly fantastic. Yeah. Like it’s, I mean, it’s, it’s not funny, but it’s Right. The kind of

like, to me, words are great, but images are greater as the, the big headline in the hero area. And then below that it’s saying something like, Use your word, you know, turn your WordPress content into valuable, shareable, professional images,

easily create professional images from your,

because I, yeah, I, one of the concepts that came up right is I, I really like the idea of. You’ve already done the work, and this is what we’ve been talking about since Crop Express, which is you’ve, you’ve set up a website, great. You’ve written a blog post. Great. That’s a lot of work. That’s a lot of effort.

That’s a lot of thought. And, and how we, we jumped from Crop Express to OMG is the idea of how do you, how do you not only, um, Make a featured image more compelling, but how do you take the content that you’ve already written, the work you’ve already done to add more value? And how do you make an image, um, what do I wanna say?

Direct? Um, share that value, you know, immediately.

[00:23:13] Cory Miller: You, you created content for your WordPress website. Now you need a package and showcase it. 

[00:23:18] Corey Maass: Mm-hmm. Or showcase it.

Let your images do the talking. Oh,

winners there, our words are great, but images are greater. And let your images do the talking.


Yeah, you and your problem statements. I love that. I never think to do that.

[00:24:29] Cory Miller: Yeah, that’s our. I love how we do this. So problem is you create content on your WordPress website. Now you want to showcase it, make it shine. The problem is you have to go outta WordPress, you have to do all these, you have to have all these other tools 

[00:24:49] Corey Maass: and

uh, common featured images. Don’t

tell the content. Ooh, what do you wanna say by themselves?

They often are just a nice image and you rely on. The headline or bullet points or quote elsewhere to draw the user in. 

[00:25:39] Cory Miller: So you created the content. Now make it sizzle, sparkle, shine. 

[00:25:44] Corey Maass: Nice.

I keep talking about the loop and I, I keep coming back to that and I don’t still don’t know how to explain that, but it’s the, like, you create, you create words that are compelling. You find an image that’s compelling, but the, the problem as it exists now for most websites is if you share a blog post, there’s a, there’s an image that’s compelling, but it doesn’t have any of the words in it.

And then you’re relying on the headline and an excerpt. You know, you’re relying on Facebook to, to present the whole thing. And if somebody just sees an image or fails to skim the little bit, the little bitty headline under the image, they’re not gonna, they only get half the half the compellingness of it.

And so it’s like taking, taking your content and, and combining it with your featured image. It’s like one plus one equals three kind of situation where it’s like adding a big fold headline on top of that’s compelling, on top of a featured image that’s compelling, is more compelling than just sharing the image and the headline.

So you create 

[00:27:14] Cory Miller: a content, now you wanna make it shine. Problem is you have to go outta WordPress. You have workflow one. Uh, the internal WordPress stuff doesn’t really sell the content. Plus they should, they should help entice images, should help entice people summarize and entice something like to get ’em back to the site.


[00:27:45] Corey Maass: yep.

Typing, boring, featured, featured images don’t create intrigue. They don’t sell the content.

They don’t captivate the imagination. That’s not the right.

They don’t. Spark the imagination. Something like that.


[00:28:26] Cory Miller: the problem is it goes outta your workload. Boring featured images or afterthoughts Plus, they should make it. They should. They should be 

[00:28:35] Corey Maass: enticing. Yeah. It’s like there’s lots of different ways that an image can. Add value. And I know like we are, we might be thinking about it more deeply than people often do, but I think maybe that’s the point, right?

Like a lot of the time now people like you’ll see a, if I go to Medium and I see an article about writing code, there’s some clip art of. A person behind a laptop or of a robot, and it’s like, then, then why even have the image? And I know why, like human image, human brains are wired to be attracted to images, but, but there’s no value added there.

It’s just you’re just checking a box. And that’s heartbreaking. So

there’s our three 

[00:29:37] Cory Miller: features. Stay in your workflow? No more boring afterthoughts.

[00:29:45] Corey Maass: Wow. Yeah. Wow. Who canice people to click?


We’re, we’re, we’re, we’re somewhere here. We’re we’re in the range. Yep. We’ll 

[00:30:05] Cory Miller: work on the features next, but. Stay in your workflow.

Something here. No more boring afterthought, smell images. Stale, boring, stale, afterthought. Like there’s probably something here we can refine. It’s like put, put your images to work.

Something to the effect of like, Born and still is opposite. Active, helpful prompting is better. Like that’s where we come in with the, uh,

because we’re trying to show ’em a vision of what could be better. Like right now it’s just boring. They’re afterthoughts,

but you could transform that to help. That’s where we go. Sell the sizzle or shine. 

[00:31:07] Corey Maass: Yep. Make your 

[00:31:08] Cory Miller: images shine. Make your content shine 

[00:31:14] Corey Maass: fresh. En. Engaging. Engaging. Memorable, engaging,


Relevant. Helpful. Ooh, helpful. That’s a good 

[00:31:36] Cory Miller: word, is to keep all these words, because I think we’ll put a list of things. Oh, here it is. The before and 

[00:31:43] Corey Maass: after. Nice. Yep. Nice. Yep. Morning. Thoughts. Still homogenized.

Oh man, what, what’s 

[00:32:01] Cory Miller: the word for like, they’re just taking up 

[00:32:03] Corey Maass: space. Checking a box. Placeholder. Placeholder. No more placeholders.

So we Wow. You, you’ve seen those, uh, Home pages that have a, like a slider before and after. And on the left we show, you know, an image of a landscape and a, you know, 10 places to go camping. But as it’s presented in Facebook with just a big, big image that’s pretty, but it has no value. And the headline that has no treatment and then you swipe and it shows the.

Our treatment of the image with a background and, and, uh, a color treatment to it. And then a clever font or an interesting font and like, so we do a bunch of those where it’s like, here’s your boring placeholder, nothing. And here, even if we just, even if that’s all you give us, here’s, here’s how we make it Compelling.

Compelling would love that before and after.


[00:33:35] Cory Miller: I like this before, Hey, if there, this is a wishlist, not a, but If there was a sample, you know, it’s almost like, here’s your. Here’s your social graph before and, and paid a bar. He goes, pull the bar down. Transformation. 

[00:33:56] Corey Maass: Wow. Wow. Yes. Yeah. That was the kind of UI I was picturing. Like if you go to, they’re the, they’re the, the little web apps that are like, we’re moving a background or whatever, and you, and they have a slider and so you see the image and as you, you move a, move a bar, Back and forth.

And so yeah, in our case, we’ll, we’ll have it, you might move the bar up and down or something, but that matches our logo. That’s amazing. 

[00:34:22] Cory Miller: See and pull it down and we can share like a post status. We’ve got this, you know, we’re using this, so like before they, we looked at it sucks. Pull it down. Here it is like, yep.

Here’s what we’ve done to showcase, make the content shine, entice people, comp compelling, I love that word compelling, you said. Mm-hmm. What? Boring to compelling. Boring To 

[00:34:49] Corey Maass: compelling. Yeah. And again, I love the idea of, of valuable too. I put engaging. Yeah.

Because it’s, yeah, we, we, we take, and it’s also, we take these pieces. And put them together. And that to me is where the value comes from. And it’s like, so even if, even if you only ever see it, just the image, you don’t see the headline because the headline can be in the image, then it, then there’s, um, the image itself, it’s more valuable.

Like that’s not, that’s not the only use case. And it might not even be the most common use case, but like one of the things that. You talked about early on was, you know, creating slides essentially, or slide shows. And so being able to create images that have bullet points that summarize a post or quotes that summarize a quote, a post, you know, so there, there’s, there can actually, you know, if it’s um, if you interview somebody and they are really inspiring and you create a bunch of these images and you put them on your social media every [00:36:00] day, like, You are inspiring.

You could be inspiring people. So 

[00:36:05] Cory Miller: it makes me think when you were saying that about the, I was trying to capture those again, even though we’ve done it a bunch. So like, can you see my little cursor here? Mm-hmm. In the copy, in the, uh, text editor part. It’d be awesome to have these. Oops, this touch, not that touch choices.

You know what I’m talking about, like here, um, bullets. Numbers, check boxes, because when you said that 50 places to visit mm-hmm. Here’s 10 in their check boxes. Mm-hmm. The point is where I kind of default to, but I wonder if there’s a way to do so. Like the arrows. 

[00:36:44] Corey Maass: Sure. Capture this back.

You already know all this bullets. No, it’s I’m capture it. We need it captured. 

[00:37:04] Cory Miller: Text boxes, numbers,

[00:37:09] Corey Maass: emojis. Oh 

[00:37:10] Cory Miller: God, you read my mind, but I didn’t wanna say it because I was like, I don’t wanna, 

[00:37:15] Corey Maass: Hey, if we, if we’re, we’re starting a product with the OMG in the name, like we have to double down on the whole cute, uh, style, you know, emojis and butterflies. And 

[00:37:30] Cory Miller: I’ve been working with Lindsay on, on some of her work for my marketing assistant, and it did dawned on me.

She was like, it was. Uh, her personality is fun. Like she likes to have fun. Mm-hmm. And like, there’s, you’re not feeling fun here. And so it was like reintroducing that and I think mm-hmm. Uh, I’m gonna capture this too, is like, make 

[00:37:57] Corey Maass: your content a party. Nice. Yeah.

Everyone wants to go to, Nah,

that’s an advertising campaign right there, like a whole bunch of ads that are like, do people want to go to the we to your website? Make your website a party that everybody wants to get go to. That’s really fun.

Okay. I 

[00:38:42] Cory Miller: think we got a lot here. I think the benefits we can, we got enough to, like, we can put this back in chat, G B T two, but we just need three benefits and Yep. Um, 

[00:38:56] Corey Maass: which we ha we have four. I mean, you can always have more, but Yep. Stay within your workflow. Convert these. Well, and it’s, and we, and I think it’ll end up being, um, before and after is like the first big benefit.

And then we could do the three underneath of stay. Stay within your workflow, stay in the zone. Create more value, all those things.

That is the technical term thingy

stuff, stuff. It 

[00:39:45] Cory Miller: makes me think, I’ve been doing the, uh, party emoticon, mo emoji. Mm-hmm. I’m like this little party thing. All 

[00:39:56] Corey Maass: right, now I’m just having fun.

This might be the most, um, productive, midlife crisis anybody has ever had. Bless you, dude, 

[00:40:09] Cory Miller: about four to five years ago, this has been really timely. Saying, I’m outta it. I’m just saying 

[00:40:18] Corey Maass: I’ll take it now. We’ve learned to manage it anyway. Um, great test. Well, uh, homepages need testimonials, which we’ll add once we, uh, have them, the features can, we can fill out as we go.


[00:40:44] Cory Miller: Well, thanks for doing this. This is, I work best like this, planning off, you know, collaborating. Sure. So I appreciate this. Okay. See, do I have access to Omgm? I know I do.

[00:41:05] Corey Maass: I don’t. Yes, you do. You have your, uh, Corey Miller account and then, um, so yeah, it’s, it’s just Beaver Builder. So go drop in blocks or, um, or I can, and then the biggest thing, I mean like any of these websites, uh, Again, the, once the logo is locked down, and maybe we already have the colors, but we can use those colors to define what the, what the boxes on the page look like.

And then, um, the actual images always, usually takes me the longest of like, okay, you want screen, you want product screenshots. Go create the perfect product setup so that you can then take the perfect product screenshots. So, But I need to actually finish the damn thing. Wanna do 

[00:42:02] Cory Miller: that? Cool. Dude, we’re flowing.

Well, I’m starting to flow with you.

[00:42:13] Corey Maass: Well, and I’m, yeah, I’m, there’s been stuff that for me because I’m, this is how I work half the time anyway. Right? Like, I build and I rebuild, and I rebuild. And the whole time I’m thinking, and I’m, that’s why I keep trying to throw stuff at you or WeChat during the week, um, because it helps me redefine the product and, and wording and stuff like that.

And so it’s things that, like at one point we said, what do, what do we call it? And so in, in my mind, the, um, like the name of the company and the name of the product is O M G I M G. Um, which I kind of, it makes me giggle when it’s like people talk about like I B M or cvs and so it’s, it’s just way more letters, but it’s still like, sound it tongue in cheek in a tongue in cheek way.

It sounds very corporate cuz it’s a bunch of letters. Um, it, 

[00:43:12] Cory Miller: but if it makes you smile, that’s a really good thing, like Right. Hearing that it makes you smile too, because cvs, by the way, is my favorite story ever. 

[00:43:22] Corey Maass: Good man. 

[00:43:22] Cory Miller: I’m anti Walgreens, our insurance. Ooh, seriously. I like Walgreens with the number two cvs.

It’s clean like an Apple store for a pharmacy and I don’t know, tape some of them that’s clean. Uh, chips. Yep. Weird dehydrated products in the front anyway. Okay. 

[00:43:47] Corey Maass: Yeah, I, I’m a, I’m a sucker for those kinds of stores for sure. Uh, little bit of everything. I love a, do I love a good dollar store? Um, five below extremely dangerous for me to walk in.

Oh, dude, 

[00:44:00] Cory Miller: we, you and I should not go on five below 

[00:44:04] Corey Maass: or we should. Um, but so the other thing that, um, I, uh, have been. It’s like, okay, so I’m, I’m not yet using the product, but as I’m building the product, I’m thinking about using it, et cetera. Right? And so, um, one of the other things that I realized I was doing was, so O M G I M G, name of the company, name of the product, um, OMG Images is the asset that it creates, right?

So it’s like, turn your, turn your image into an OMG image. And that’s where like when we did a demo whenever it was, Um, you know, a few, a few calls ago you were like, okay, change, change the buttons to say, you know, create new whatever it was. And I’m like, oh, okay. So, so in most of those places now, we, we are saying like, create a new i OMG image, or here is a list of your OMG images, because it’s basically any image that’s been enhanced by OMG img.

I love it. And we are going to be OMG people because we’ve been also been enhanced by OMG I mg. This is 

[00:45:21] Cory Miller: totally silly, but in the vein of creativity, ob absurd. Of course the t-shirt on the front might be OMG in the back is, I don’t know. That’s the silly thing. But I was like, I love this. The bar coming down.

Mm-hmm. Um, That thought. So like we’ll need that, 

[00:45:43] Corey Maass: that front. Oh, I, what I want is the, the T-shirt. I’m gonna stand up here some, the Panera, the T-shirt where the graphic is, the whole thing. And it’s going to be, it’s going to be omg, img, you know, but, but the whole front of the site or whole front of the, sure.

So it’s huge bright colors. OMG img.

Like, when I was doing conbon, I wanted to be very clean and corporate because I was, I’m like, that’s, I think that’s gonna be my market. You know, it’s not fun and creative. It’s project management. Um, and eventually I, I started trying to, like a lot of, a lot of WordPress products have. Little critters, you know, little creatures, logos and stuff.

So eventually I introduced these very austere birds that I had designed, um, anyway, so at some point maybe we need something like that, but it’s like the, the conbon shirts were black polos with the little logo here and I did have it pretty big on the back cuz I’m like across word camp us. You need to be able to see it.

But with this, we’re going the other action as big and as bold as possible, you know? Love it. 

[00:47:11] Cory Miller: Yeah. I don’t mind being 

[00:47:14] Corey Maass: silly, right? Me neither. I. As 

[00:47:18] Cory Miller: we have everybody listening going, uhhuh, 

[00:47:20] Corey Maass: duh. People like, yeah, that’s what I didn’t, I, I, I, what I should have said to chat G b t is take these 10 taglines and make dad jokes outta them.

Let’s see what we got. Um, but anyway, um, so yeah, we can sign off for today. I, I would task you with, um, Jump into the homepage if you’ve got time, you know, and or even just revise and finalize some of that wording. Um, maybe show it to Lindsay, see what she thinks. And cuz ideally by the time we get to that homepage, we are just plugging it in and going, oh, we need a new section.

We need a new product image.

Uh, I lost you. Can you hear me? Yes. Sorry, I lost you for a second. Yeah, I’m Panera’s they’re doing their lunch rush, so I think the wifi is starting to brown out. 

[00:48:24] Cory Miller: Ison broccoli, uh, chitter soup for me cuz that’s my favorite. All right. 

[00:48:30] Corey Maass: Thanks brother. Shout product, product placement. Uh, shout out to Panera.


[00:48:35] Cory Miller: yeah. Sponsored by Panera. Today everybody skips unlimited broccoli. Dip those chips in the broccoli cheese 

[00:48:42] Corey Maass: soup. That’s a winner. 

[00:48:46] Cory Miller: Hey, let’s talk about working camps at some point. Um, probably in the next two weeks I’ll be ready to make some, uh, hotel arrangements 

[00:48:54] Corey Maass: and stuff. Okay, great. 

[00:48:57] Cory Miller: Just it’s on my mind.

It’s not a priority. We’ll get it done. Um, but anyway, shaping up 

[00:49:03] Corey Maass: plans for that. Yeah, I’ve got it sort of on the long list. I’m gonna be taking a train down, which will be fun. Oh, you’ve read my mind. 

[00:49:12] Cory Miller: Ask you that. Oh, I wish I could do that here. I wish I could do that. We have Amtrak. It just takes 13 hours to get to Dallas, which like seriously, I’ve seen all of this part of Oklahoma in depth.

[00:49:26] Corey Maass: Yeah, I’m sure. But yeah, everybody, uh, we’ll, we’ll start. This is, this is the first plug for, um, you know, O M G I M G is going to be, uh, revealed in many ways, uh, at Word Camp Pass with the brightest shirts you’ve ever seen. Love it.

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