Gluing Things Together

“No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough.”

— Brené Brown

This week Dan and I talked with Post Status member Lesley Sim of Newsletter Glue about refining our tedious and time-consuming newsletter workflow here. (I’ve been doing it for the last couple of weeks and it’s a bear!)

We also want to drink our members’ Kool-Aid and get used to the WordPress/Gutenberg flavor every chance we can.

Helping You Find Your Way

Lesley had incredible feedback about our newsletter design and readability flow. I want to share one big takeaway: Make “wayfinding” easy.

Our intention is to be the TL;DR of WP for you, or as Lesley says, the “What’s up in WP World.”

For our big four categories of coverage — Business, Development, Career, and Community — she suggested more consistent section block design (so you go straight to the part you want to see most) with better color contrast (but not too much) and an emphasis on accessibility.

We’re engaging Lesley’s services, so look for new changes on the horizon to better serve you. And better workflows for us!

Welcome Daniel Schutzsmith to the Contributing Team

We’ve had big shoes to fill particularly in our Tech perspective after David Bisset left the team to focus on his new gig. I’ve never pretended to be a developer and I wanted some time to figure out what we need.

In December, I got to meet Daniel Schutzsmith, someone I’ve long admired for his passion for all things WP. He is a web dev/design manager for a local government in Florida, and a good human with a compelling perspective. He’ll be starting next week to help us curate, commentate and facilitate conversation from a Tech perspective here.

Welcome Daniel!

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