Business Roundup Week Ending March 17

Equalize Digital Receives Pre-Seed Investment from Emilia Capital

Equalize Digital recently received a pre-seed investment from venture capital firm Emilia Capital. (Partners Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt from Yoast fame) The investment will help accelerate their mission to make the web development process more efficient, secure, and cost-effective. With the new funding, Equalize Digital plans to build out its team, expand its product offering, and further enhance the platform’s capabilities. This will allow developers to create custom applications in less time with fewer hassles while benefitting from a secure cloud hosting infrastructure. Equalize Digital also plans to use the investment to promote its products and reach more users. Overall, this pre-seed investment is an exciting development for Equalize Digital, providing them with the resources needed to continue innovating and bringing more value to their customers.

Another page builder?

Droip is a new “No-Code” builder for WordPress and is currently in private beta. The tool looks promising, although still on the waitlist myself. 🙈

What Can Leonardo Da Vinci Teach Us About Web Design?

Leonardo da Vinci’s methods and outlooks are just as applicable to web development today as they were in Renaissance Italy:

• Documenting thoughts, ideas, and work is essential to the creative process.

• Understanding geometry and proportional mathematics are necessary for a quality web design.

• Da Vinci wrote right-to-left in ‘mirror script,’ emphasizing the importance of finding ways of working that suit you.

• He was picky about his patrons and employers, demonstrating the importance of working with people who will foster creativity. 

• His works were often the result of countless experiments, tangents, and iterations; embracing this iterative process can help produce superior results.

Read the rest over at Smashing Magazine

What’s new in Gutenberg 15.3? (13 March)

Good news for publishers, we now have a “Time to Read” Block. This will be very helpful for people who write long-form content in WordPress as this feature has been a stable of other platforms for years.

PS. It would help to read Axios’ Smart Brevity Book while at it.

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