WordPress Business Roundup for the Week of November 14

Tom Willmot on the Challenges and Opportunities  Facing Enterprise WordPress • Tom Lach on the costs of rapid growth — It’s not for everyone • The Future of GiveWP and the Block Editor • Evolving Edupack — and Sunsetting It • and more…

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Tom Willmot on the Challenges and Opportunities  Facing Enterprise WordPress

Sparked by Magne Ilsaas‘s ideas in The WordPress Enterprise Paradox, Tom started a Twitter thread and hosted a live discussion with Magne and others at enterprise WordPress agencies this week. Their main concern is the challenges that arise from not having a well-defined brand and market that allows “WordPress for the Enterprise” to stand out — without being ties to a particular WordPress company or host. After getting an outline of the problem as it stands today, I asked Tom what might help differentiate “Enterprise WordPress” as a collective or entire ecosystem of agencies operating within it. Can open-source values of sharing and cooperation shape a unique global identity for enterprise WordPress agencies? Is it time for an inter-agency association or “guild” to take on these challenges? LISTEN→

Big Growth Isn’t for Everyone

Back in 2019, Tom Lach‘s agency was a team of 10 people, and they were entering a space where they could easily start working with big enterprises. Their idea of the future was to scale up and grow. Of course it was. How honest conversations at WCEU changed that. READ→

The Future of GiveWP and the Block Editor

The journey to GiveWP 3.0 is well underway — an open, iterative development process that fully embraces WordPress’s Gutenberg block editor. Give cofounder Matt Cromwell and development director Jason Adams share what they’ve learned so far. READ→

Evolving Edupack — and Sunsetting It

Blake Bertuccelli shares how a plugin that tried to do it all led to an accessibility platform and enhanced client services. READ→

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