Member Spotlight: Keanan Koppenhaver

Keanan is a long-time WordPress developer and agency owner who is passionate about helping other developers level up in their careers and development knowledge. With experience on all types of WordPress builds, from a local grocery store to, he’s seen all sorts of technology stacks and enjoys working with developers of all skill levels to help get them unstuck and back on track.

What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress?

I like how flexible the platform is and how it enables people to build all sorts of sites and applications. If you just want to spin up a simple blog, you can do that with WordPress. If you want to go all the way and use the latest PHP features, try something headless or integrate WordPress into a larger system, you can do that, too. And no matter what you’re trying to do with WordPress the community will be there to support you.

What do you love most about your Post Status membership?

Post Status is one of my favorite parts of the community because it’s a great place to hang out and hear what other people are working on and what problems they’re having. It’s also been an invaluable place to go when I’m stuck on a particular problem. There’s a generous spirit that everyone in the Post Status Slack supports that makes it a great organization to be a member of.

What business/web/WordPress advice do you have for others in our industry?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you get stuck! There is so much going on in the technology and software space, it’s impossible to have the right answer all the time. If you can find a couple folks who are running the same type of business as you or at the same growth stage, try to check in with them and help each other out.

Oh, and please always use version control.

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