Community Roundup Week Ending August 11

WordPress Community Summit

The Community Summit has released its schedule for the two days it will run prior to WordCamp US, August 22-23.

The schedule includes 4 tracks and conversations around everything from DEIB to Open Source participation in global legislation. There are 125 attendees listed publicly, so each session should be fairly well attended. I am excited to see what will come out of this event and how contribution to WordPress can be enhanced by the attendees and conversations held there.

WCUS is Next Week

The schedule is out. The attendees are listed. Invites for parties around the official event are being circulated. WCUS 2023 looks to be a great event.

We have pins! We’d love to put one in your hands. Find Me, Adam Weeks, Cory Miller or Lindsey Miller and get one for yourself.

Three square pins with the Post Status name and logo.

Will you be at WCUS this year? Make sure to find me to take a selfie!

Join Us on Meetup

Join us for our Meetups! Details on our Meetups are available on our Meetup page.

Check out more WordPress events on WP.Events, a site I curate through StellarWP.

Photo of the Week

Today’s photo of the week comes from Nile Flores on WordPress Photos.

Variety of bright colourful tulips on the edge of lawn.

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