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There are many ways to contribute to WordPress, the Open Source Project. And to be honest, most of them have nothing to do with coding. I really wish more people knew that. A quick perusal of the Make WordPress site and you’ll see over 20 teams you can be part of. 

One team that I’ve spent time working on this past year is the Photo Directory. There are currently over 5,700 photos that have been approved into the directory. And every photographer who has a photo approved has a badge on their WordPress profile for helping us build the CC0 library. If you’ve got a good eye and want to add your photos, please do! Just make sure the quality is good, they are your property, contain no human faces or other identifying information, and a few other rules to agree to when you share a photo with the directory. To see all the rules and begin submitting photos, start here.

Contribute to Post Status’ Celebration of 20 Years of WordPress

Submit your milestones to our WordPress timeline. 

Tell us your WordPress story. 

In the Spotlight

Post Status professional member, Yvette Sonneveld is in the spotlight this week. Yvette is a full-stack online communications professional with extensive experience in the WordPress ecosphere.

Join Us on Meetup

2022 gave us great opportunities to create and learn from the huddles we created. We loved meeting people through Zoom and sharing with and learning from one another. And we want to take that and grow it. So we’re retiring huddles (for now) and transitioning into meetups that are targeted for your growth.

  • Post Status Professionals
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Join the Post Status meetup here: and then RSVP for the meetups that best meet your needs (one, two, or all three).

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