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By Hannah Smith • November 2, 2022 🗓

What does sustainability mean for WordPress?

In a few weeks’ time, world leaders will be gathering for COP27, the largest annual gathering on climate action. This annual conference is a good focal point for everyone to think more about sustainability, including the WordPress community. We’ve recently published a post on Make WordPress to encourage the community to do just that: openly share their ideas about sustainability.

What does a sustainable WordPress community mean? What does it do? Tell us!

We hope you will get involved by:

  • adding your ideas, responses, and feedback to the post;
  • spread the word about the post/discussion.
  • joining the

We really want to encourage others to weigh in so we can build on what is already happening, and find ways to make more happen! We hope this effort will start to:

  • Demonstrate to leadership and those with positions of power/resources that the community wants more effort on sustainability;
  • Help us identify others in the WP space who can collaborate with us;
  • Gather ideas on what new directions we can take things in.
  • Join the Make WordPress Slack #sustainability channel

Hannah Smith is a Sustainable Digital Tech Trainer and Ops manager at the Green Web Foundation. She is Co-founder Green Tech South West and founder of #LetsGreenTheWeb.

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