Member Spotlight: Blake Bertuccelli-Booth

About Blake

I am an outcome-oriented community builder and technologist passionate about promoting equitable access to information. As Owner of Decubing Web Services, I have made significant strides in creating a more inclusive digital landscape for clients and customers. I have held various leadership roles, including CEO and Co-Founder of Edupack Inc. and Co-Owner of The Blue House.

My expertise in front-end design and development, UX design, and web workforce management has been instrumental in working with high-profile clients such as Madison Square Garden, New York University, and Tulane University.

As a committed volunteer, I have been involved in several initiatives, including serving as Chair of WPCampus and mentoring at-risk youth through the Youth Empowerment Project Design Works.

Most recently, I also created a totally free and open-source accessibility platform, Equalify, which I continue to maintain with others from Decubing.

What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress?

Being close to talented contributors who commit code and solve issues is a thrill. I never miss up a chance to talk with core contributors!

What do you love most about your Post Status membership?

Post Status offers a space where leaders in the WordPress community can hash out experimental ideas before releasing them – I love that!

What business/web/WordPress advice do you have for others in our industry?

Work with users who have disabilities! If you think accessibility is just a bunch of rules, then you haven’t seen a person who uses an assistive technology like a screen reader navigate the web.

The more diverse users you use the better. And, on that note, pay for user tests! Users with disabilities should not bear the burden of making your site accessible – their time is just as valuable as a consultant with a unique skill.

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