Business Member Spotlight: WS Form

It’s usually easy to interview someone when you’re already friends and you already use their product. But that still meant trimming more than a minute off the start of this video where the “bloopers” were. (AKA laughing too hard to speak.) If I ever make a blooper reel, I promise to include that part of this episode!

WS Form and Mark Westguard are the real deal. From simple custom forms for WordPress to the most complex forms you could ever want, WS Form has figured out a way to help you create whatever you need, including integrations with major payment processors, many other plugins, and more.

But the real magic is what drives so many 5-star reviews: the support.

Talking to Mark, you realize that he and the products he creates are there to support your business, make you look good, and make life as a web builder easier.

If you’d like to learn more about WS Form, visit their site here.

TL;DR: My biggest takeaway: WS Form will make life as a site owner a lot easier, from creating the simplest contact form to building e-commerce solutions, donations and more.

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