Woo Snippet: Help Test Custom Table Migrations

Can you help test migrations of WooCommerce’s new custom tables? Easy fund transfers for all Singaporeans — and WooCommerce.

As the community gears up for both WordPress 6.0 and WordCamp Europe, there hasn’t been a lot of WooCommerce news this week.

Help Test Custom Table Migrations

There is something important and worth getting involved with, however. There’s a call for early testing on the custom order table migrations you can answer and help get this powerful feature into WooCommerce. Setting up custom tables and then being able to migrate their contents and data structure to another site requires an efficient, reliable tool that works flawlessly. Can you help Woo get there by testing?

You’ll need a staging site for database testing and test data to be migrated from the wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables to four custom order tables:

  1. wp_wc_orders
  2. wp_wc_order_addresses
  3. wp_wc_order_operational_data
  4. wp_wc_orders_meta

Developers and Woo builders have called for custom tables for a while. Having custom tables means we also need to be able to migrate data to and from them — so if that’s you, consider this a way to give back!

Get all the techincal details here.

WooCommerce Payment Solutions Spreading Out

An interesting article I came across discusses Calvin Seng Co‘s payment solution for WooCommerce using PayNow SG. It will support both individuals and businesses, which wasn;t possible in the past.

PayNow is “an initiative by the Singaporean government, is a service offered by participating Singaporean banks.” It allows people in Singapore to send funds in their currency between banks with “a mobile number or business UEN.” Previously this service could only be used by businesses. Now it can be used by anyone — and WooCommerce.

Owner Calvin Seng said:

“I’ve seen many aspiring WooCommerce store solopreneurs that want to integrate PayNow to their store but cannot; there wasn’t any solution out there providing this. This created a huge hurdle for solopreneurs to run their WooCommerce business.”

PayNow SG works with QR codes, allowing person-to-person transfers without redirection to third-party payment gateways.

Those WooCommerce Cart and Checkout Blocks

We had the chance to bring Nadir Seghir on Do the Woo. Nadir is an engineer at Automattic and a team member on the Cart and Checkout blocks. He tells us about his day-to-day work on the team as well as the complexities that surround these blocks.

We also touch quite a bit on backward compatibility. Here’s something you won’t want to miss — what the future of the WooCommerce checkout looks like.

According to Nadir,

Future plans also include us going into different pages beyond Cart and Checkout. So the thank you page is also going to be a block based. And the My Account in the future is also going to be block based. And you can customize those things to your business without using code.


That’s it for this week.

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