What does Five for the Future mean to you? (Part 2)

Have you been thinking about that question? I hope so. Everyone should, as long as we have a 5ftF program.

Some low-hanging fruit — recognition of non-code contributors — has already been picked. I like that WordPress.org profiles are now showing these new contributor activity types:

  • Translating and reviewing strings on translate.wordpress.org
  • Publishing lesson plans, workshops, and courses on Learn WordPress
  • Publishing handbook pages
  • Mentoring a WordCamp
  • Manual props received in the #props channel in Making WordPress

I assumed some of these were counted previously. I’m sure there’s more that could be added, especially with mentoring as a recognized contribution. That’s great.

If giving back 5% is “aspirational,” it will help contributors to aspire to giving more if more is counted.

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