Copyright, Selfie Monkeys, and the Hand of God

The Open Source Initiative has produced a podcast series on AI and its implications for open source out of the concern that “the traditional view of open source code implementing AI algorithms may not be sufficient to guarantee inspectability and replicability of the AI systems. Algorithms are deciding who stays in jail or which customers deserve credit to buy a house.”

Here’s a good episode to jump into — Copyright, selfie monkeys, the hand of God:

What are the copyright implications for AI? Can artwork created by a machine register for copyright? These are some of the questions we answer in this episode of Deep Dive: AI, an Open Source Initiative that explores how Artificial Intelligence impacts the world around us. Here to help us unravel the complexities of today’s topic is Pamela Chestek, an Open Source lawyer, Chair of the OSI License Committee, and OSI Board member.

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