The Sky is Falling! Nope, Just a Little Blue Bird

Where (and how) do we connect?

Twitter is fast becoming a dumpster fire. Every time I look at my account, the settings, access, and options change. Sometimes overnight. Sometimes seemingly every fifteen minutes. There is a lot that happens on Twitter in the WordPress community. So it begs the question, where will you go if it all ends in a fiery crash like a SpaceX Rocket, or runs out of energy like a Tesla on the side of the road

Finding each other isn’t necessarily the difficult part. There’s Slack, of course, and Facebook groups. It’s building the rapport in a new “main place” that is challenging, as well as finding new ways and locations to seek out and connect with customers and clients. 

Mastodon is gaining in popularity, but there is a slight learning curve. And it’s a bit like shouting “Marco” into the void and not hearing anyone shout back “Polo” back when trying to find connections. Tumblr is an option, but it doesn’t work in the same way Twitter or Mastodon do as far as posting, following, and connecting.

Tell me where you will be building your next following if it’s not on Twitter. DM me on Slack (or Twitter while it’s still standing.)

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