WordPress Community News Roundup for the Week of September 19, 2022

The Post Status Member Spotlight turns onto Tom Greenwood this week. The WordPress community conversation about accessibility at WordCamps continues on Twitter, WP Builds, Post Status Draft, and Post Status Excerpt. Let’s have WordPress Accessibility for All!

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Post Status Member Spotlight: Tom Greenwood

Tom Greenwood is the co-founder and Managing Director of Wholegrain Digital, a sustainability-focused WordPress agency that is a certified B Corp. Tom has led a number of environmentally concerned projects in the web design sector including the Sustainable Web Manifesto and the website carbon calculator at WebsiteCarbon.com. He is the author of Sustainable Web Design, published by A Book Apart in 2021.

Accessibility at WordCamps

Well, it seems my post about accessibility at WCUS has got some things moving! As a result, it’s been a topic of podcasts — WP Builds and Post Status Draft — and it’s come up in several Twitter conversations. As a result, WordCamp leaders have reached out to me to say they’re taking it seriously. Many people have DM’d me about how to do better. And Michele Butcher-Jones is starting a website to provide resources for WordPress Accessibility for All. (To be launched this fall.) It turns out that advocating for yourself and others is always a good thing.

WCUS Afterthoughts, Accessibility, and Pay Transparency — Post Status Excerpt (No. 69)

Dan Knauss and Nyasha Green talk about their WordCamp US experiences both good and bad. Their conversation focuses on accessibility and disability too. They both reflect on the accessibility challenges and failures Michelle Frechette shared in Five Days Without a Shower before turning to an important article by Piccia Neri that was published at Post Status last week.

This article was published at Post Status — the community for WordPress professionals.

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