WordPress is People (Weekly Community Update)

Yes, of course WordPress is software. It’s code. It’s several different programming languages. It’s blocks. It’s the editor. Yes, it’s all of the technology. 

But it’s people. It’s created by people. It’s used by people. It relies on people to move it forward, to modify it, to moderate it, and to build community around it.

John Donne said “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” The same is true about WordPress. Each of us is part of it. WordPress is you and me. It’s us.

If you’re interested in volunteering your time, skills, and resources to the open source project, there are many ways to be involved (and most of them aren’t coding). Learn more about ways to get involved on the WordPress website.

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Have you ever wondered who it is that makes Post Status work? Look no further than our About Us page to meet the Post Status team: Cory, Lindsey, Michelle, Adam, and Olivia

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