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There are a lot of marketers working in the WordPress community. We even have a dedicated WordPress marketing team. But most of the marketing budgets within the WordPress world are spent on our own brands. Hosting companies, plugin companies, and big agencies all work with WordPress, love WordPress, and market their own brands. For WordPress to succeed, we must do what’s best for our individual companies and what’s best for WordPress! 

Of course, it makes sense to market your own brand. You want to stand out from your competitors. You want to tell WordPress customers why they should use your hosting, agency, or plugin. That being said, next to standing out from your competitors within the WordPress ecosystem, we want to make sure to stand out to our competitors outside of WordPress as well. You don’t want your customer to build their next site in Wix, right? This means that – next to marketing our own products and companies- we market the brand WordPress together. But how do we do such a thing?

I don’t know exactly what that could look like, but I do know that we need to collaborate more amongst all the WordPress brands. We do that now and then. Every big WordCamp is a celebration of our community and our togetherness.  I really loved the WordPress 20-year-old campaign that ran last year. But I think we could do more. We should combine our individual strengths for marketing and our love for WordPress.

These “WordPress” campaigns will not directly affect our sales. But if we don’t set up a joint WordPress marketing front, it is well imaginable that Wix, Squarespace, or some other CMS will eventually take a large chunk of our market share. And that’s bad for us all. We need to look ahead! We can do this together!

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