2022 Web Almanac CMS Report

According to the CMS chapter of the just-released 2022 Web Almanac from the HTTP Archive, sites using a CMS — and WordPress — are still steadily increasing globally, and 34% of all the sites with an identifiable CMS were using a page builder. WordPress comes in at the bottom of the pack, however, when it comes to non-mobile device performance as measured by Core Web Vitals. For mobile, only Adobe Experience Manager performed worse — and by quite a margin. In terms of Lighthouse performance scores, WordPress was on par with its peers.

Top 3 countries with the most WordPress sites with passing CWV scores:

  1. Japan
  2. Canada
  3. Germany (a very close 3rd)

The average number of plugins used on WordPress sites remained the same as last year: 24. If you’re interested in image formats, page weight, fonts, CSS, and other resources impacting performance broken down by CMS, there are a lot of details about that in this report.

One unfortunate limitation of the data is that the more highly visited a site is, the less likely there is to be an identifiable CMS.

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