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I’ve been collecting rtCamp news for a while — they have a great monthly newsletter — and here are some of the highlights worth sharing broadly.

rtLearn = rtGrowth

First of all, is rtLearn — not new but not as well known as it should be. As a large and growing company well positioned in Pune, India’s tech hub, rtCamp recruits new university graduates but in the spirit of BarCamp and the idea of a round table (where the “rt” comes from), rtLearn mints WordPress professionals from college students, new recruits, “dropouts, freshers, or people with some work experience.”

A year ago, rtCamp CEO and Founder Rahul Bansal wrote that all their new hires had “gone through remote training via our rtLearn platform,” and in two years “these remote classrooms … allowed us to blow past the 100-employee mark.”

A year later, and rtCamp’s headcount has about doubled on their path to being fully distributed.

The rtCamp on-site campus program is a full-time, paid, six-month training course rtCamp draws some employees from. They also have a free, CC0 master WordPress Development course anyone can take online. This is an outstanding model for WordPress workforce development, and it would be terrific if other major agencies in the space borrowed from it.

Compare Plugins Side by Side

Second, I’ve been watching rtCamp’s WordPress Plugin Compare directory evolve as a really helpful site for comparing plugins side-by-side. They keep adding more features to assist in comparative analysis.

Sharing Expertise: Personalization

Recently published on the rtCamp blog — an unfolding series on Personalization geared toward the enterprise. In an upcoming post, they’ll have a case study involving a WordPress — Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration with user segmentation functionality that empowers marketing teams to create email campaigns connected to personalized landing pages on the WordPress site.

If case studies, tools, and explainers are your thing, the rtCamp blog is full of treats:

Elementary: A Block-based Starter Theme

Available on Github, rtCamp has shared a starter theme for block-based, full-site editing themes with developer-friendly features: Elementary.

It’s solid boilerplate following WordPress coding standards that’s fully FSE-ready with a baked-in testing framework.

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