Community Roundup Week Ending April 28

A Community Gift

Last week I launched a new website as a gift to event organizers, podcasters, bloggers, and speakers in the WordPress community. It’s an online database of WordPress speakers including what topics they present on, what time zones they are in, and what region on the world they live in, along with bios, headshots, and more.

I created it because, as an event organizer myself, I am continually looking for speakers to present at my local (albeit online) meetup. And I figured, if I could create a tool that would make my life a little easier, it might help someone else, too.

So if you’re a speaker, please add yourself to the list at And if you’re organizing an event or looking for guests for your podcast or blog, consider looking there, too. (And on UnderrepresentedInTech, too, of course!)

It’s free to join. It’s free to search. Powered by me and supported with in-kind and other sponsors.

In the Spotlight

Post Status professional member Matt Laue is in the spotlight this week. Matt is a successful startup founder and CTO with a passion for innovative technology solutions whose most recent venture is Mindspun, a company that develops human-centered and high-performance solutions for WordPress.

Join Us on Meetup

Join us for our May Meetup where we’re celebrating WordPress’ 20th year! More details will be added soon on our Meetup page!

Check out more WordPress events on WP.Events, a site I curate through StellarWP.

Photo of the Week

Today’s photo of the week comes from Courtney Robertson on WordPress Photos.

Sunset at winter over snowy farm fields

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