Tech Roundup Week Ending June 2

ChatSEO?’s Chat SEO is a product that merges the functionalities of chatbots and search engine optimization (SEO) to improve user engagement and increase organic traffic on websites. Utilizing AI-driven chatbots, the solution provides personalized experiences by addressing user queries in real time and offering pertinent information. With the integration of SEO strategies within chatbot interactions, Chat SEO aims to optimize content for search engines, enhancing the website’s visibility and attracting more targeted visitors. This integration showcases an innovative approach combining chatbot technology and SEO practices for an improved online presence and customer engagement.

All your AI Belogs to Us

The article discusses Microsoft’s Build 2023 conference, where the company emphasized its vision for making every Windows developer an AI developer. To achieve this goal, Microsoft introduced several tools and platforms, such as Azure Machine Learning and AI-driven technologies, to simplify the development process for AI applications. The company also showcased various use cases of AI integration in healthcare, finance, and agriculture. Microsoft seeks to revolutionize the tech industry by empowering Windows developers with AI capabilities and driving innovation across multiple sectors.

Better Handoff Process

The article in Smashing Magazine focuses on improving the design handoff process using Figma, a popular design tool. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication and collaboration between designers and developers to ensure seamless project execution. The article provides valuable insights and tips for organizing Figma files, such as using consistent naming conventions, structuring frames, and creating reusable components. Additionally, it highlights the significance of documentation in the handoff process, guiding designers in creating detailed and well-structured notes. By following these best practices, designers can contribute to a smooth design handoff, enhancing teamwork and overall project success.

MariaDB on WP Repo

Availability of the MariaDB Health Checks plugin on This new plugin aims to help site administrators monitor and maintain their database’s health by providing essential information about its performance. The MariaDB Health Checks plugin offers various features, including monitoring query performance, detecting slow queries, and identifying potential issues that may impact the website’s performance. By integrating this plugin, WordPress users can proactively manage their database health, ensuring optimal site performance and a better user experience.

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