Tech Roundup Week Ending May 5

New Community Theme Launched

WordPress Themes Team released a new block theme, Stacks, designed to build slide decks. Stacks was designed and constructed by Saxon Fletcher with help from Ben Dwyer. After customizing the theme, users can create slides on any post or page using the ‘Stacks’ pattern. The theme is mobile-friendly and not likely to be widely adopted, but helpful in creating slides without using a third-party application. It can be used to host several slide presentations in one place, free of charge, and supported by an official account.

The Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins

Here’s a fun fact for your next Zoom call: Plugin Directory has over 60,000 plugins helping millions of websites worldwide! On its 20th anniversary, celebrate WordPress with a unique table showcasing the 108 most popular plugins. (Created by Pascal Birchler (@swissspidy))

WP Speakers Launched

Michelle Frechette launched a free service, WP Speakers, to make it easier for event organizers to find WordPress speakers for their events. Two hundred eleven registered speakers have already signed up and are ready to share their knowledge. Frechette created, a site that connects job seekers with WordPress companies and publishes a weekly tweet thread with available positions. She is ensuring the resource remains free so everyone can access it. Speaker profiles are approved within 1-3 business days when people sign up using the ‘Join As A Speaker’ form.

Appwrite Cloud Private Beta

Appwrite Cloud is a user-friendly platform developers can use to manage their backend services. From databases to storage to user authentication, the cloud provides a wide range of services that make creating applications a breeze. The Appwrite Cloud’s powerful tools make it easy to scale applications quickly and efficiently and ensure that all data is managed securely. The cloud’s comprehensive range of features includes integrated user management, data schema, webhooks, serverless, and more, providing everything developers need to build stunning applications. All Appwrite Cloud services run in an isolated and dedicated environment, ensuring maximum uptime, stability, and compatibility. The Appwrite Cloud is the perfect solution for developers looking for a reliable and secure platform for creating and growing their applications.

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