What is the WordPress community capable of? A lot of good. And a few bad apples.

The Good: This week a team of people from around the world released WordPress 6.1, Misha. The number of people who contributed to this release is HUGE. Folks, WordPress takes more than a village, it takes a small city to keep the momentum moving forward, keep the technology on the cutting edge, and keep the community itself vibrant. There are literally thousands of people who bring positivity to and work hard for the WordPress community. Kudos to each and every one of them!

The Bad Apples: Usually we try to not talk about the negative things. (Well, most of us do, you all know I don’t mind shining a light where it can help, for sure.) And Mika Epstein is no different than most of us. If someone is a personal problem to one of us, it’s usually kept out of the public eye. We soldier on and do our best to ignore minor pests. But sometimes those pests aren’t just pests. Sometimes they are intent on destruction, and they will use any means necessary to hurt others. My hat is off to Mika for being strong through the entirety of what she has endured over years of stalking, attack, malignment, and worse — all as part of her commitment to the Plugins Team. No one should ever have to go through what she has. It’s beyond brave of her to share with the community, and I, for one, am grateful that she has. 


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