ChatGPT Did Not Write This Update

It’s true, ChatGPT (or any other AI writing tools) did not write this update, but I HAVE been playing around with it, and I can see the appeal, at least in part. 

But there has been A LOT of conversation in the community about these tools.

I, like many other writers, experience some form of writer’s block or another from time to time. It’s not usually the “I don’t know what to write about” kind, but usually the “how do I get started with this post” kind of thing. And for that, AI writing tools are amazing. “Give me an outline for…” seems a good prompt and a great place to start.

Someone asked me if using AI for writing is plagiarism. I asserted that it isn’t, as it’s not taking someone else’s writing found published elsewhere and presenting it as your own. I see it as a tool and even as part of research. But I’m curious about what your thoughts are.

  • Is using an AI writing tool plagiarism?
  • Is it a threat to content writers?
  • Is it a crutch?
  • Or is it simply another tool?

Let me know what you think.

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