Community Roundup February 10, 2023

WordCamp Asia

Are you going to WordCamp Asia? It’s next week! (February 17-19 in Bangkok, Thailand.) With more than 60 speakers contributing to 2 days of talks, 100’s of organizers and volunteers, and contributor day, it looks to be an amazing event. [Get the whole schedule here.

I’m doing a Lightning Talk at WC Asia, and I’m truly honored to be speaking there. In some respects flying halfway around the world to speak for 10 minutes seems bizarre, but in most respects it’s completely and utterly affirming. Especially since my talk is about YOU – the amazing community that has grown and prospered during 3 years of complete and total life upheaval of pandemic stuff. The talk description is:

Looking for the good things during bad times has become one of my survival tactics. Finding the good in bad situations – like looking for a phoenix rising from the ashes – has often helped me stay positive when it felt like the world was burning.

The last few years have felt a lot like that. From a global pandemic to flooding, supply chain issues, political unrest, war, event cancellations, and personal struggles, this has been a difficult time for many, if not most, of us. We have pivoted so much and so often it has felt like we have constantly been reinventing ourselves, our businesses, and our community.

So what good things have I found since this all began? WordPress has been constant and consistent. I’ve discovered a deeper love for WordPress and the WordPress community than I ever imagined.

And YOU, dear reader, are a HUGE part of that GOODNESS! Thank you for being you!

I’ll be posting photos and thoughts from my travels to and from Thailand between February 14 and February 24. Follow along on my Twitter account to see what I’m up to and the people I meet along the way!

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Post Status professional member Michele Butcher-Jones is in the spotlight this week. Michele is a lover of all things Open Source, a WordPress Core Contributor, an international speaker, and an avid campaigner to leave the world in a better place. 

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