Tech Roundup Week Ending April 7

Add AI autocomplete to your website.

EnhanceAI AI Autocomplete for Websites is a revolutionary tool allowing developers to quickly and conveniently create interactive and engaging websites. Its sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology will enable users to fill out forms quickly, generate content more efficiently, and make personalized product or service recommendations. With EnhanceAI, websites can optimize their SEO efforts by delivering relevant content and ensuring customer satisfaction.

WP Adminify | Product Hunt

WP Adminify is the perfect solution for WordPress agencies looking to provide their clients with a simplified, secure and intuitive admin dashboard. With WP Adminify, agencies can quickly and easily set up user accounts, assign roles and permissions, and manage and customize the interface of their client’s WordPress websites from one centralized platform. By leveraging WP Adminify’s powerful features, agencies can save time on administrative tasks while delivering better customer service to their clients.

Editors’ Note: This reminds me of the Client Template concept Randy Carey coined in 2013.

Ai User Testing?

Synthetic users are artificially created digital identities used by product owners to simulate natural user behavior. They can be used to test a product’s or website’s functionality, identify areas where user experience can be improved, analyze customer preferences, and much more. While this technology offers product owners an excellent opportunity to gain insights into their customers, it also carries potential risks, such as data privacy issues and being vulnerable to malicious attacks. Product owners should weigh the pros and cons of using synthetic users to determine whether it is an appropriate solution for their needs.

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