Product People Arnas Donauskas, Web Hosting Product Owner at Hostinger  — Post Status Draft 141

Arnas Donauskas, Web Hosting Product Owner at Hostinger, joins Cory Miller to discuss his WordPress product. Arnas leveraged his experience in customer success and UX research to transition into owning a WordPress product.

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In this episode, Cory Miller and Arnas Donauskas, Web Hosting Product Owner at  Hostinger, talk about what it means to truly value customer obsession. This core value has shaped Arnas’ career path, from his roots in customer service to creating products to provide simple website restoration and security for principal vulnerabilities.

Top Takeaways:

  • Customer Obsession. Users are facing daily challenges that need real-time solutions. Think about their problems. Value their feedback. Sometimes clients are limited because we haven’t kept up with the speed of evolving technology. Approaching things from a user perspective to prioritize and build products creates optimal impact.
  • Removing Manual Work. Wherever possible, we are working to automate things to provide more easy buttons for clients. Automating things, creating single-click solutions, and providing the best examples and guidance to reduce users’ steps to accomplish tasks.
  • Possibilities with AI. Everyone is eager to see how AI will change the industry. Cory and Arnas discuss the potential opportunities AI creates to build even better products in the future.

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Cory Miller: [00:00:00] Welcome to Post Status Draft. We’ve got another series in our product people interviews and I have a new friend named Anis from, uh, hosting her. We’ve been talking about Lithuania, where hosting is based and his beautiful full country. And tell him that I can’t wait to visit sometime. But welcome to the post draft podcast artist. 

Arnas Donauskas: Hi Corey, and thanks for inviting me. Uh, it’s been a pleasure being in this, you know, uh, uh, podcast and, uh, yeah. Uh, let’s get started on that one. Right. Okay.  

Cory Miller: Um, so could you tell me what you do at hosting?  

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, yeah, of course. So, uh, right now at hosting here, I’m a web hosting product owner. And, uh, yeah, this is the current troller I’m, uh, going with and I did had some previous roles in hosting her as well. And yeah, I, a short journey perhaps, uh, what I did [00:01:00] at, at hosting.  

Cory Miller: Yeah. Yeah. Would you, would you tell me about, oh, well, let me ask you one question first. Yeah. Yeah. So when you say web product owner, that obviously, I’m sorry, web hosting product owner? Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

That, that includes WordPress. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. If there’s more that you do in that role, or is it concentrated on WordPress?  

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, so WordPress is only a part of what we do. Mm-hmm. , uh, but we cover everything that involves hosting, uh, all of the features of the hosting. Uh, basically whatever you have to do on hosting, this is our responsibility to manage it, um, develop it. 

Um, Any new features, perhaps, uh, clients feedback. Uh, clients want something new and uh, they find it really awesome to use it. Or perhaps clients face some kind of an issue with hosting and we see trouble over there and we want to assist clients. Um, this is our job, you know, to make it, uh, happen and deliver it to them. 

Cory Miller: Awesome. [00:02:00] Well, okay, before I get into WordPress, I’m, we’re gonna geek out on WordPress and the WordPress product at Hosting Gear, but tell me your story. Where, how did you get here? You just mentioned you had been in a couple roles before the web hosting product owner at Hosting Gear. So how, how’d you get started in this and, and end up as the, uh, today as the product owner? 

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, yeah, of course. So everything started almost three years back. Uh, next month it, it’ll be my three years anniversary. And, uh, I’ve started as a customer success specialist. I worked there for over a year and, uh, yeah, over the journey in the Success Special Specialist role, I noticed that I had, uh, Um, let’s say I liked working towards website issues that clients came to us and they delivered their problems. 

And, uh, over time I got, you know, I naturally noticed that they are way more, uh, WordPress clients compared [00:03:00] to other platforms. And, uh, only later on in my future also understand by looking at the data directly, what’s the actual difference in there? Cuz I didn’t, you know, read something online in that time and, I over time board press, I guess, grew on me in the success, uh, specialist role. 

Uh, I did more digging in, you know, the plugins, what are the actual critical errors mean and how we can, you know, help clients fixing on them. And, uh, yeah, so I did that role, uh, for over a year and then I got an a job promotion opportunity. To be a UX researcher. What I did in that role is found out what our, what issues our clients had, uh, where they struggled using our services as a hosting provider, including the control panel they used every day, and the [00:04:00] services in general. 

Perhaps their site speed is slow and we have to find out what exactly their clients know dealing. And work on that. So yeah, as a UX researcher, that was my main role. And if we happen to, you know, design some something new, I would be that guy who’s telling, okay, in here we must have this, this, this. 

Because our clients face the issues here daily and we want to address that part and, you know, make that happen and solve that. And after, you know, everything, we measured the numbers, how it helped for our users, perhaps we. Missed something releasing here or, uh, we should update something here. And yeah, we worked on that as well. 

And, uh, after the UX research role, I got offered a role as a product associate. Uh, so in for me, product associate is like a, a starter role of product owner, uh, [00:05:00] because you. Learning things that you are gonna do as a product owner. So they are prioritizing issues. Uh, for, uh, for developers, what we’re gonna work on, what is the most important things for our client to get shipped as fast as possible. 

And everything is based on our client’s needs, what they face daily. Uh, Know, seeing the bigger picture, checking online trends, what is happening in the industry? What is happening in the, the WordPress world? Uh, if something happens, uh, like let’s say, uh, a random example, new AI drops that generates WordPress websites automatically, why we still don’t have it? 

What’s blocking us to delivering this to our clients? And uh, and uh, yeah, so when I worked in that role and gathered my experience as a product associate, I was, uh, offered to work as a product owner of web hosting that which includes WordPress and, [00:06:00] uh, yeah, working on the delivering features to our clients that, uh, means them the most, uh, that, uh, automates, uh, you know, Painful manual areas of set, setting up things for the website and yeah, in general, on the web, on the hosting platform, I see it in the way that I want to help and automate things as much as possible for our clients so they wouldn’t have to deal with that struggle manually and doing everything by hand. 

Let’s see. From that perspective,  

Cory Miller: I think that’s the ideal, you know, if I could create an ideal path to being a product owner. It’s that you spent your first career in customer success seen firsthand. That’s the cutting edge of any software or hosting business because, um, for the first eight months of my tenure starting ithe, I did cus I did all of the customer support and success for our, our company. 

And that gave [00:07:00] me a bird’s eye view. I mean, Really face-to-face view of the problems and what people were encountered when they’re trying to get something done. So that’s number one. I I love that that’s where you got your start, because you’re always gonna stay close and sensitive to the needs of the customer. 

And then second, you a you, you asked, I’m like, so I obsessed. Over the experience of a customer, what are other problems? And you found those often in the support. Anything that kind of hanged up, you’re like, that’s a problem that we can try to eliminate. And sometimes it’s software code and sometimes it’s, it’s that UX and UI part, part of that. 

So I love that background leading to be a product owner because I think those are. Key experiences that make a good product owner, like a part of the whole mix make, cuz you see firsthand what people are trying to do and that knowledge and experience comes in and it gets baked into how you lead your team. 

So I, I love that background. [00:08:00] I.  

Arnas Donauskas: One thing I could add is that throughout this, you know, past experience, what really also helped out, you know, the product knowledge, if we had to like, collaborate with the teams, the, the developers to give them the feeling, how the users see it and how they use it, it really, you know, assisted in that area as well. 

Cory Miller: Yeah. And, and I know hosting from T to Dominica, your ceo, cmo, and different people on your team at work camp past couple months, um, When there’s people that say Customer obsession is our core value, but I hear it over and over authentically from everybody I talked to at Hozier and then knowing that the product owner came from that, like, you know,  

Arnas Donauskas: the best feedback always comes from the clients. That’s why, you know, uh, we do have, I regularly have, uh, uh, interviews with the clients. Uh, just hearing what they have to say about the product, uh, the better they like it or don’t [00:09:00] just, you know, uh, raw data from, directly from the user who tells it the best, what, what’s their experience with our services. 

Cory Miller: Okay. Thank you for that background. I like to tell the human side of the story of the people leading the products that we use out there. Um, and that’s what this series is all about. So that’s why I stick there and like, who’s the human behind leading the product? And thank you for sharing your journey there. 

Um, okay, now let’s dig into product. Let’s Geek Adam product. So, I love that you saw like naturally in the form, like so many people were talking about WordPress and that kinda led to this. So that form helps formulate your experience. But tell me about the product that you’re leading now, um, at Hoer, um, related to WordPress. 

Um, what things are you excited about that you’ve done? Shapes or your experience and your team experience, and obviously the customers, but tell me some things that stick out a part of the.  

Arnas Donauskas: Um, yeah, so [00:10:00] about the feature set that I’m really excited that we recently, uh, released would be, uh, one of the things that, uh, we directly bring to the clients is, uh, a simple website restoration. 

Uh, and it’s, uh, Basically, uh, pre what we’ve improved, uh, uh, right now, users, workers users will not have to select any files and database they have to restore. The only thing they have to select is data. Uh, what we remove, what we wanted to remove here is the struggle, selecting files and database separately. 

And yeah, we just wanted, you know, uh, just select the date. If you, uh, remember, you know, the, the working one, no, if you don’t, no worries. You can just restore the, another one as we save quite a few of the, of the backups, uh, on our services. And yeah, all of the processes are fully automatic. After that, you just click restore and that, that’s that. 

And, um,  

Cory Miller: I, I think that’s, uh, before you go on, I think that is, is [00:11:00] really awesome that that’s the first one you listed because we’ve all been there where we break a site doing something or something’s, some event is happening in scrambling and, and I think we had a plugin call back buddy, so I know this subject really well. 

It’s like, and I’ve been there where you, you break something and you just wanna roll back the change without having to go into all these. Processes and stuff. And then the facts of the web is something’s gonna happen. It’s the web, it’s tech, it’s something’s gonna happen. But being able to go to a date and time and restoring, I think is so critical. 

It’s that classic un, you know, uh, command Z undo function. It’s like I can go back to my timeline and restore it. 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah, exactly. And, you know, uh, we want to, I always try to put, you know, myself in the client’s shoes, what I, I would have to do. And, you know, that, uh, I want to restore it as fast as possible. 

And you know, in the, in the brief moment when something happened to my website, I site tried to search it, the, [00:12:00] the root issue as fast as possible. If I can’t, I go restore the site and, uh, yeah. Uh, That in that moment, selecting correct files and database could, you know, be crucial. So why just don’t move that step and just allowing users to select database in that uh, date. 

And that’s all.  

Cory Miller: We’ve all been there where we’ve, uh, installed a new plugin or upgraded plugin and it’s broken things and being able to have that easy undo button with their restore is so critical. So thank you for sharing number one. Cause I think that’s something I wanted to highlight. I know. Process. 

And most of us that do web work with WordPress understand this too, is like something’s gonna happen where you’re gonna have to back it up. So, okay. Re restoration process. Uh, what’s, what’s another, uh, 

Arnas Donauskas: another one is in a bit of difference, uh, area. It comes from, uh, security. It’s, it would be work principle vulnerabilities. 

Uh, At first we released only, uh, [00:13:00] vulnerabilities to WordPress plugins. Uh, basically what we would do is, uh, we. We tell clients when there are vulner vulnerabilities in any of their installed plugins on the, on the site. Uh, let’s say you have 10 plugins, we keep track of all of them, and if we notice everything, uh, is there a security issue we give you, uh, automated steps. 

Uh, either there is an update, uh, if there is a safe version, we tell you. 1.2 version is safe. You can update it. If we don’t have, you know, the safe version to recommend, we say, uh, this plugin is better be deleted cuz it may directly harm your website security and create, you know, a bag door or something like that to it. 

And, um, further we thought, We can’t only cover plugins, you know, when it comes to vulnerabilities of WordPress, we also have, you know, to include themes and the core versions. So this [00:14:00] was what, uh, included as well. So, uh, the same principle. Uh, we keep track, you know, on the, on the used themes. Uh, it could either be, you know, the active one or just sitting files over there. 

Uh, and of course, you know, the core files of the board press we give, you know, Suggestions to clients to either o update it, if there’s a, a say, versions or not. Yeah, so this was the, the feature that was like recently quite released and we, from the client’s perspective, we really saw the, you know, the, those tips that really helped clients and that they don’t need to worry about the security and checking for vulnerabilities themselves. 

Cory Miller: See, I go, I bet you encountered. A hundred times in your job and your role as a customer success success operator because WordPress is safe. Uh, it’s continuing [00:15:00] to be ev vulnerabilities in, in, in everything that you see, uh, because it’s just part of being a citizen on the web. But that, uh, I bet you saw that and I bet that formulates the experience’s why you said that was number two because you just Two problems that I solved back in the day over and over. 

Wanna be able to restore something, something broke, and then, oh, there’s something coming in that you want to be able, or a part of it that you want to like, have some knowledge. So I think security is absolutely awesome and I love that. That’s first and second. You, you, you probably don’t know a lot. 

That’s not about me, but you hit my hallmarks where I spent 10 years of my life doing so I love that. These two things are, are these two, two things part of the WordPress hosting packages you all do? Is it a separate thing?  

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, everything comes included into the WordPress packages, you know, in the WordPress hosting that we offer. 

Yeah. Uh, just, you know, the, the backups, uh, that I’ve firstly mentioned there are, you know, daily and a weekly. It depends on the hosting [00:16:00] plan, of course. Uh, but yeah, the restoration feature itself is included when you just purchased the plan itself.  

Cory Miller: Awesome. Okay, so we talked about. We’ve talked about restorations, vulnerabilities, and what, what’s the third that’s on your mind about the product? 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. The third one is the one we just recently released and are currently working on it is the hosting your award press plugin. Uh, why it was Bruce released. We just have to be fair and understand that a lot of clients not always, you know, using hosting control panels continuously because a lot of users just know, you know, slash VP admin and just go inside their, uh, panel and do their stuff and we wanted, you know, still have the communication, let’s say in that side. 

Did the client inside the [00:17:00] word. And assist them if possible. Uh, so right now with the first iteration, uh, we focused on assisting client publishing their website and, uh, changing, you know, the essentials of the website, like uploading logo, editing description, and so on. It’s for, um, uh, let’s say fresh user in the WordPress who wants to know to have a simple blog website and. 

Still wants to do it on the WordPress and not, you know, the standalone builder, uh, let’s say Vics. And, uh, what we are working on is, uh, we. We do have quite, you know, big, uh, YouTube library of, uh, hosting your learning section and we want to include that section inside the, uh, hosting your plugin so users will be able, you know, to check quickly, uh, steps to. 

on [00:18:00] YouTube cuz you know, uh, there are people who are good at, uh, getting information through knowledge-based articles and there are people who prefer video material when they getting, you know, things done. Personally, I’m a video guy. Uh, I just have to be honest. If I see a knowledge-based article, I probably scroll to the bullet points where everything main is mentioned here. 

But when it comes to video, yeah, I just watched it and it’s way easier to consume information that way. And yeah, so that’s another kind of interaction with the user. And we will provide, you know, the jumps to them. Knowledge-based, uh, article, uh, contacting, you know, support or assisting to contact the support. 

And there are further plans I would like, you know, to implement some custom settings to, to the plugin itself, where users are able to, uh, implement them on the website, uh, maintenance page, some caching options so users wouldn’t have to, you know, to find that information manually. So [00:19:00] it would be, you know, like a, a hot quick. 

Cory Miller: Um, when you think about building, continuing to build, refine, uh, and even improve the offering that you give your clients, um, who are types of customers that you all think about? Who, who is hosting your manage WordPress? Um, really kind of for,  

Arnas Donauskas: uh, sorry, could you repeat the, the first part of the question bit? 

Like, for me,  

Cory Miller: Yeah. Who are, who are the, uh, like avatars or Oh, that you think of when you’re building these products? Like restore vulnerabilities? Yeah, the plugin. There’s somebody you’re thinking of, or a couple people, types of customers you’re thinking about that use this product. And can you, can you share a little bit about Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Arnas Donauskas: Sure. Of course. So, uh, it’ll be like, you know, small businesses, online, hustlers, uh, beginners at the. The [00:20:00] hosting business in general because like we know as a hosting, wanting, provide ability to make a website online for any everyone. Uh, so our, you know, uh, when we thinking of these features, our, we are thinking of the clients who are re relatively, relatively new in this business and they want, you know, help in all of this. 

Uh, that’s why we try. Trying to listen to what clients have to say when something releases out and if it’s, you know, difficult. Uh, there have been already some improvements on the restoration feature on the, I’m just some saying some examples on the website, automatic migrations where the users saw struggles and we worked on that. 

So we always think, thinking of the online hustler, uh, beginner. When this information is new for the client and they just want, you know, to have their blog small, uh, shop online and do their stuff.  

Cory Miller: I love that [00:21:00] because I think a lot of the WordPress market overall has gotten, um, beyond that, I, I don’t, there’s probably a better way to say that, but I, I remember the day when you can go find hosting and you had an idea and you could take WordPress and good hosting and create something that may or may not go anywhere. 

So when you say the hustlers, the the do it yourself first type, I love that because I’ve, I’m afraid. Some parts in our industry we’ve gotten away from the mention of WordPress is d Democratize Publishing to give people tools and Awesome. And so I love that you all, there’s, there’s. An awesome company out there offering that where, you know, I’m like a lot of people, I, I was looking at your plans and I go, when was the last time I saw a hundred sites that you could build, [00:22:00] you know, for every little. Quirky and sometimes dumb idea I have. 

I can start it and then see where it goes. And I love that with the plans that you offer and the work that you’re doing too. And then have the Easy Restore button kinda keeping me safe and you’re helping me use this, so I love that. That’s one of the avatars that you all focus on. 

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, yeah, like I understand that fact. 

You know, when I first tried the WordPress myself, uh, it, there’s no lying. It can be scary, you know, seeing all the sidebar options, what to do, what to change, uh, and seeing online there’s a bunch of information about the WordPress, what could be edited and so on, so on, so on. Uh, so we don’t want. Provide the best examples, guidance to the users and, you know, remove manual work as much as possible. 

So they would just, you know, do their thing and have their website online and slowly, you know, gather traffic to their whatever project it [00:23:00] is.  

Cory Miller: Awesome. Okay, so we talked a little bit about the product and some of the features that you’re very proud of, you and your team. Um, we’ve talked about some of the fits for how hosting, hosting can fit into whatever you’re kind of building. 

Now, I wanna get, as a product owner, someone that has a lot of experience with WordPress and the web, um, what are you excited about in the future, um, with what you’re. 

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, you know, like talking from the future perspective plans and Yeah. You know, the releases, the features.  

Cory Miller: If, if you want to, or, you know, I’d love to get your take also on just the web, where the web’s going, where WordPress is going. What’s exciting, just looking out on the landscape of this. Amazing software that turns 20 years old. 

I can’t believe that. 20 years old this year. Um, you know what you’re seeing on the web, we’ve got new things coming up all the time. Like you were talking about automation, AI stuff. These things are just [00:24:00] going insane and accelerating. And is there anything from that perspective you see that gets you excited about working on the web? 

Arnas Donauskas: Yeah. Yeah, so I can definitely talk about AI stuff. Uh, that, yeah, I find really intriguing and I would just think how awesome it would be. Uh, because, uh, I recently saw one of the website that, uh, Uh, they create webs, WordPress website based with ai, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, and I just imagined if I would describe what I would do on my, uh, WordPress website directly. 

Let’s say I am a dog, I’m a animals photographer, and it’ll be my blog about. And I just, you know, uh, just give a description about my website and I would get like, you know, pre-built all of the content with some dummy images that could just be replaced with my own photography stuff. I just think from the perspective how it would [00:25:00] shorten the journey for the client on building the website. 

Uh, because, um, if you want, you know, to build neat website, You still have to install some plugins and, uh, you know, make changes in, let’s say builder or even the gut, Gutenberg blog builder. You still have to make changes, but if everything would come pre-made for you and all of the things, it’s si like, it’s similar to demo content when you imported the website because everything gets important. 

But I want to, you know, skip. Skip that step where just I have to describe what I want to have in a website and bam, in five minutes it’ll just, uh, generated and I just change my pictures to whatever I photograph. 

Cory Miller: I think there’s so many, um, opportunities that a AI presents for WordPress in particular. And um, that’s [00:26:00] another thought I was like, oh. Um, the technology’s innovating and going so well. It’s like I saw somebody, uh, tweet, they use chat g p t for, to build a WordPress plugin, and you’re like, okay. If you understand that language, then they can do a lot of the heavy lifting AI part, but it’s like maybe the AI’s asking you, what do you want? 

Are you wanting to sell something on it? You know? Okay. What kind of thing you’re trying to sell. The idea of that they can go out there and say, here are three options that would do that. Um, is pretty, pretty incredible. And, you know, I like to tinker on, on WordPress websites. Um, but it’d be nice just to go like, have a prompt, someone asking you something, asking you what are you trying to do, and lead you through that process with good options.  

Arnas Donauskas: Exactly. Imagine if you would, after our conversation, we would have a built workplace website that it’s not fully ready to go online. Yeah, yeah. Like conversation and that’s all. [00:27:00] So the conversation with AI and yeah, I have my website online.  

Cory Miller: The new website builder be ai. And I think the answer is yes. 

How? How soon? We’ll see. That would be interesting. Yeah. But I, I continue to have these conversations with people around the WordPress business of WordPress ecosystem because I think there’s so much potential here and it just takes bright minds like yourself to think of. Oh, we could do this. WS Forums, for instance, has worked on some open AI integrations. 

The Jonas over at Webhooks has done a tutorial and integration and, uh, I wanna see more of that because you’ve seen this, you know, as you’ve been working on the web and doing all these things, you’ve seen, like, there’s problems that people, it takes. It’s just time consuming. And if we can take some of that stuff away, we help them get to their goal and their dream faster and better. 

Arnas Donauskas: Hmm. Yeah, that’s, Definitely, uh, I found what I can say, like on hosting the ai, we have a logo maker that’s, you know, AI powered. So [00:28:00] personally I need a simple logo for something and that’s, you know, in a way unique. I just use the, the, the, the AI generator of logos and that’s helps.  

Cory Miller: I have to check that out. 

We’ll have to put that in. Show notes, the logo generated to test test it out. Yeah. Nicole, well, anything else you wanna share about what you’re doing? Uh, any other thoughts you have on the web? I wanna make sure we get the chance to hear from you, someone that leads the WordPress product in particular, uh, at hosting your, um,  

Arnas Donauskas: Oh yeah. 

The, the thing that we are also working on that will affect our WordPress users as well, uh, it’s already in our public word, uh, roadmap, is that we will soon be releasing our c D n. So, you know, it’s, uh, From the public roadmap, we receive quite a lot of, you know, requests from the clients that Yeah, yeah. 

It’s really crucial for us to have this and we understand it. [00:29:00] Uh, because then again, if we want, you know, to give clients a seamless experience, uh, it’s part of it. Cuz you know, if client wants to use CloudFlare as a a CDN provider, they would have to go over there, you know, make the setup process happen. 

But with the in-house, we remove that step as well. So, uh, yeah, uh, this one is coming up on the way and I’m really excited to see how it will help our clients in the website per, uh, performance and, and the boost of it.  

Cory Miller: Well then you’ve covered the trifecta here. You’ve got, uh, safety and security, you know, being able to restore and watch out for vulnerabilities. 

And then you’ve got speed and speed’s always sexy to everyone because Yeah. Yeah. Faster. The better it rank, the better the customer experience. So that, that’s pretty cool.  

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, on the speed note, I could add another thing, uh, that’s still requires some. Deeper, uh, refinement, but what I [00:30:00] want to offer for the clients is automatic website optimizations. 

Mm-hmm. Uh, why it requires a, a bit deeper refinement because we want to, you know, to refine to the way that it will not break a website. Uh, because we know that if we automatically, you know, use some ca uh, plugin to go maximum aggressive, uh, with the settings, it could create, uh, you know, break something in the website because it was just so aggressive on optimizing it. 

So we want to find that gold spot for the client where he pushes a single click and the content of the website gets optimized and it does, you know. Loads without issues.  

Cory Miller: Love it. That’s awesome. Uh, Anas, uh, would you tell us how we can find more about you and then also your, your work at hosting?  

Arnas Donauskas: Um, yeah. 

So we do have a public roadmap that you [00:31:00] can access as a, uh, user. It’s, uh, simply, uh, roadmap dot ho hosting And all of there, uh, you will be able to see all of the release stuff, all of the upcoming stuff, and you as a client can, you know, express your, uh, opinion on here. And also you can submit an idea. 

So th that idea would be checked by me and we would, you know, include it into the backlog since you know, the clients, uh, want to see that happen. 

Cory Miller: This is excellent. I love when a software company,um, a hosting company puts this in front. It’s like, this is what we’re working on, this is what we’re doing. It shows real leadership and I love this. 

I’m looking through here and this is awesome. Well, ARN, thank you so much for your time today and, uh, I, I appreciate hearing your story and what you’re doing at Host hosting your Please keep up the good.  

Arnas Donauskas: Uh, thanks Corey for inviting. Uh, it’s been a [00:32:00] pleasure. And yeah, if anything, I’m here. Awesome.  

Cory Miller: All right. 

Thanks everybody for listening in to post status draft. This is another, uh, interview in our series called Product People to help you see the hu here and see and hear the humans behind the, the best WordPress products out there. So we’ve been talking with Arnas, web hosting product owner at Host.

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