WordPress Origin Stories, Week 5

This is part of our ongoing celebration of the 20th Anniversary of WordPress.

Leonardus Nugraha

I started my WordPress journey when I became a content writer in a hosting company. We use WordPress to publish our articles, but there’s more than that. Most of our clients are WordPress users, so I have to write for many WordPress-related topics. I then started to delve deeper into the WordPress technical world in 2021, which I still greatly enjoy to this day.

My fascination with WordPress has led me to join the Five for the Future program. I decided to join the Documentation Team and contribute to the block editor documentation. It’s a contribution I still make to this day, and I pledge 8 hours a week to contribute.

February 2023 was the biggest milestone in my WordPress journey. I volunteered as the A/V Team crew in WordCamp Asia 2023, taking a role as a photographer. However, this event more way more than just taking photos. It was an eye-opening experience. I connected with even more people from WordPress around the world and gained more knowledge that I couldn’t get otherwise.

All of these experiences helped me know more about WordPress – its community, its history, its development, and its future.

Today, I see myself as a bridge between the WordPress community and end-users, delivering all WordPress-related information and tutorials on how to do things with WordPress. In less than two years, I went from being a regular content writer to a content specialist for WordPress-related content – a role I’m excited to do.

In the end, WordPress and its community empowered me as a writer and content creator and helped me empower others to build online success using WordPress.

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