On people breaking up with WordPress

Every now and then, somebody from the WordPress community leaves. Just like in every other community. Sometimes people leave quietly, sometimes temporarily, and sometimes they are so fed up and upset that they want to share why they are leaving the WordPress community. While some people refer to those occasions as #WPdrama, I think we all should take some time out of our day and listen to their stories. Learn from their stories and hear some applicable truths in them! 

If we want WordPress to thrive, we need to have contributors. That’s in all of our best interests, right? We need new features in WordPress core. We need events to learn from each other and be able to meet and set up our business deals. WordPress needs contributors. I strongly believe that all contributors -developers, marketers, organizers, etc- to the WordPress project need to be financially compensated. Next to that, I think it would help if they feel valued and important and that they’ll be able to be productive.

If these contributors are not happy – for whatever reason that may be, I am all ears. And I always ask myself: what can I do? How can I help – either financially or otherwise? How can I make sure that other contributors won’t leave as well?

If a contributor breaks up with WordPress, they’re also breaking up with me. They’re breaking up with all of us.

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