We don’t need no stinkin’ standards!

I wonder how much WordPress is an outlier in even the PHP universe for tolerating the idea that it’s “punishment” and “unfair” to be held to a standard with mandatory testing for code that’s admitted to the WordPress.org repo for use on potentially 40% of the web:

…the biggest controversy seems to be whether this new [testing] tool [for plugins submitted to wordpress.org] will be used to unfairly punish developers who use a different coding standard (either out of preference or sometimes out of necessity).

Brian Coords, MasterWP

There’s no controversy. This just muddies the waters and confuses standards with styles.

Felix Arntz‘s proposal for a plugin checker tool was clarified to emphsize that coding style would not be enforced by this testing tool — the focus is on security and performance. If the performance hogs and security failures that could be prevented is a non-zero number, it’s a net gain for some trivial ego pain. So I’m glad to see there was generally enthusiastic support for this.

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