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2022 Web Almanac CMS Report

According to the CMS chapter of the just-released 2022 Web Almanac from the HTTP Archive, sites using a CMS — and WordPress — are still steadily increasing globally, and 34% of all the sites with an identifiable CMS were using a page builder. WordPress comes in at the bottom of the pack, however, when it comes to non-mobile device performance as measured by Core Web Vitals. For mobile, only Adobe Experience Manager performed worse — and by quite a margin. In terms of Lighthouse performance scores, WordPress was on par with its peers. MORE →

This week’s WordPress Weather Report from Ellipsis: WordPress is up 0.02 to -0.02 under the baseline while WooCommerce holds steady at +0.02.

What is WP Cloud? Who is it for?

WP.cloud has been flying under the radar for a while. At the WP Minute, Matt Medeiros spoke with Jesse Friedman, Director of Innovation at Automattic, to learn more. WP Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on the hosting infrastructure that’s behind WordPress.com, Pressable, and WordPress VIP with GridPane soon to follow. Agencies that want to white label their client hosting are ideal customers for WP Cloud via GridPane. In Post Status Slack, there’s been a hearty discussion about where WP Cloud fits in the hosting industry and why you might want (or not want) to use it. MORE →

WordPress Core Contributor Stats: 19.9% Sponsored for 6.0 Release

Chuck Grimmet, who is on Automattic‘s Special Projects team for WordPress.com, “did some data exploration around WordPress core contributors and the companies they work for.” Chuck breaks down the data in detail with several tables on his blog. The results point toward nearly 20% of contributors being sponsored for the 6.0 release, assuming they were sponsored by the same company during that entire time. MORE →

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