It’s Not the Code, It’s the Humans

Our Post Status team has been in San Diego for WordCamp US 2022 last week so we didn’t have a norma newsletter.

The TL;DR of all things WP happenings will resume this week.

As WCUS continues on, I’m writing this on my flight back to my family (Saturday) and I wanted to share my biggest takeaway from WCUS:

It’s the people.
Always has been.
Always will be.

The code is awesome.

But WordPress people are what make WordPress the best community. Together, WE make WordPress a magical place.

For the last couple of years, we haven’t got to see and connect elbow to elbow with “our” people.

And the genuine humanness of seeing so many people hug, high five, laugh and talk again was so inspiring to see and be a part of.

At our Post Status Member Huddle before WCUS, the volume of the room was an indication of all of this as it consistently got louder and louder with people just happy to see each other.

And even if you weren’t there or couldn’t attend, so many were using and connecting online via Twitter, Zoom, or our Slack and likely a million other ways I don’t even know about. 

WE need connection.

Most business people coming into the WP community don’t always get it at first … because it is so different from what they’ve traditionally seen. 

It’s weird. Sometimes messy. 

Because it’s a community, not just an industry.

The best companies with the right values understand this and embody it.

These companies seek FIRST to jump in and give and contribute.

They ask merely: “How can we help?”

Our mantra at Post Status is merely a reflection of what I’ve seen, experienced, and proudly belonged to in WordPress:


Thank you so much to WordCamp US organizers, volunteers and sponsors for making a safe space for it to all happen.

And when you get a chance, thank them and others around the globe giving of their time, energy and money to do so too. 

Many of them are right here as your fellow Post Status members making it happen in between these outstanding events. 

So I come away refreshed and recharged.

Inspired even.

… all because of the people.

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