Community Roundup Week Ending January 19

Blank Canvases

Do you ever look at a blank page in a notebook, on your blog, or even a blank day in your calendar and can’t figure out where to start?

It happens to all of us.

A blank canvas is a beautiful thing filled with so much potential. And yet, it can be so overwhelming thinking about failing in fulfilling it. What if what I write or do is a big fat fail?

The thing is, writing or doing something is better than writing or doing nothing.

But here are a few things to do to jumpstart your creativity:

  • Ask a friend or colleague for ideas (it works!)
  • Search social media for hot topics
  • Ask ChatGPT for ideas about topics (I’m still learning how to do this well)
  • Take a nap. Have a cup of coffee. Take a chat break with a friend. Walk around. Sometimes creativity follows.
  • Be ok with some posts/days not outdoing or living up to others in your past.
  • Believe that someone somewhere will gain something from what you share.

However you approach a blank canvas, don’t let it intimidate you. Just go for it!

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Photo of the Week

Today’s photo of the week comes from Dennis Hipp on WordPress Photos.

Two caribbean reef sharks glide through blue water at tiger beach, bahamas. The foreground shark is viewed from below, highlighting its snout, nostrils, mouth, and prominent pectoral fins. The other shark is visible from the side in the background. Rays of sun pierce the water, spotlighting the ocean floor.
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