Community Roundup Week Ending March 22


I get a lot of ideas. They come to me at various times and prompted by different things. And sometimes I create them on my own. And sometimes I don’t have the bandwidth for one more project.

That’s what happened to me this week.

I tweet job opportunities. I speak about jobs and hiring. And I curate a site that lists career pages on WordPress websites.

But then people want more. They ask me to help them find a job. That it will “only take a few minutes.” That I should want to help them. And I do want to. But I’m not a headhunter, and I don’t have time in my schedule to do career coaching and shopping out resumes for others. It’s not that I won’t. I really and truly can’t.

And in WordPress there are many job boards. BUT…I haven’t found a site that allows folks to upload their resumes and be found for hiring. (Like Indeed or Monster does.)

So I tweeted that we should make one. And I’ve had over a dozen people want to help. So I made a new Slack for WP Collaboration. (Because I have a lot of other ideas, too!)

If you’re curious…DM me and I’ll get you added.

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National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
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