Community Roundup Week Ending November 3

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

I’m not sure if camping out in tents at the mall and rushing the doors is still a thing for Black Friday, but the deals and sales for WordPress plugins, themes, hosting, and services doesn’t require you to make coffee, pitch a tent, or sit out in the cold covered in a sleeping bag and hoping for good weather (up here in New York that means “please no snow”).

While many companies gear up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, others (like Weglot) opt to donate a portion of their sales to charity, and others elect not to participate at all.

It’s interesting to see the different sales (percentages, add-ons, months free, etc.), but also the duration of sales. On our own Black Friday Deals page, the duration of sales ranges from a few days to a few months.

Whatever your deal is (if you’re doing one), make sure to add it to our page, and check out my X Thread about other lists to be sure to include in your campaign.

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Photo of the Week

Today’s photo of the week comes from Saroar Hossain on WordPress Photos.

Sun reflecting in the river. Some small boats are driving in the distance, one mooring by the beach.
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