Business Roundup Week Ending February 9

AI Won’t Replace SEO Pros Anytime Soon

  • While AI tools are rapidly advancing, they lack key abilities like creative problem-solving, pragmatism and social skills that humans draw on for effective real-world SEO strategies.
  • AI can only create ideas based on existing information (which is created by humans).
  • Unique constraints of each site make standardized solutions ineffective, and it struggles with nuances in communication and balancing priorities.
  • AI can automate tedious tasks to free up time for strategic thinking.
  • Are you using AI to help implement your SEO strategies?
  • Learn more about the value of AI as part of your SEO plan in this insightful article.

Interaction to Next Paint (INP) to Replace First Input Delay (FID) as part of Google’s Core Web Vitals by March 2024

  • Interaction to Next Paint (INP) measures site responsiveness from user click to visual feedback.
  • Good INP improves user experience and can boost search rankings.
  • JavaScript tasks over 50ms delay input processing, and downgrade your INP score – thus affecting rankings negatively.
  • Presentation delays happen when pages are complex or face layout thrashing.
  • How can agencies help clients diagnose and resolve INP delays on their WordPress sites?
  • Learn more about INP and how to get the highest rating possible to improve user experience and search visibility.

Maximize Your Content Value Through Repurposing

  • Content creation is time-consuming. Repurposing existing content into new formats like social posts, videos, and podcasts saves time while reaching new audiences.
  • Refreshing evergreen posts by updating statistics and examples makes them relevant. This can bring more traffic without creating new posts.
  • Turning blog posts into a YouTube series or podcast opens new marketing channels. 91% of online users want more video content from brands.
  • But remember, always deliver high-quality content that serves your ideal customer, regardless of the medium or distribution channel.
  • Do you have content that you could repurpose?
  • Read on to get lots of repurposing ideas to get your helpful content in front of new users/clients.

Worth a Look

  • Do you have clients who think they can survive with just a social media presence and skip having a website? In the latest WordPress Briefing, Josepha Haden Chomphosy explores why a business website is still crucial in today’s digital world.
  • If you publish content regularly, learning how to showcase trending articles in WordPress can help you generate even more value from your best content. Learn more here.
  • Curious about what’s to come in WordPress 6.5? Check out the Hallway Hangout and see a preview of the new features and improvements.

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