Business Roundup Week Ending November 24

How the New WordPress Showcase Can Work for Your Agency

  • Last month, launched a new Showcase page with a bold new design to feature “Star-studded sites built with WordPress.”
  • I can see at least 3 ways your agency can benefit from the new Showcase.:
    • Inspiration – there are some beautiful sites in the Showcase created by design and thought leaders in our community, and each has a short project overview explaining goals and key functionality.
    • Credibility – when the time comes for you to demonstrate to a potential client that WordPress is more than just a blog, the Showcase gives you all the evidence you need.
    • Recognition – if you have created a site that uses WordPress in an innovative way for a notable organization, submit it to the Showcase and level up your notoriety!
  • Have you taken a spin through the new WordPress Showcase?

Will WordPress Page Builders Survive?

  • Mullenweg: As Gutenberg gets more capable, non-Gutenberg site builders will likely need to continue raising their prices, as one is in the news for today, to maintain revenue churn in the face of higher churn and fewer new users. I don’t this trend will happen for the Gutenberg-based ones.
  • Matt Medeiros offers a quick take on this thought in a WP Minute Podcast last week.
  • “When WordPress core ships with a default experience good enough to keep new users from churning, the better it is for the whole market — page builders and all.”
  • What do you think the future looks like for page builders?

Say Hello to Twenty-Twenty Four

  • Let’s face it, most default themes are very… default. Not so with the new Twenty-Twenty Four.
  • It comes with more than 30 finely crafted patterns that are ready to use across the site.
  • It’s likely you’ll be surprised just how quickly you can create a decent looking site.
  • Have you tried Twenty-Twenty Four with the improved Site Editor? Why not spin up a Playground instance and click around?

Worth a Look

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