Member Spotlight: Alex Stine

From Alex: Building my first self-hosted WordPress blog is what introduced me to the world of tech and eventually my first few jobs with Incsub. At Incsub, I started out in Tech Support for the first year helping clients fix their websites. Next, I transitioned in to Front-End and Accessibility Web Development. Here I picked… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Alex Stine

Member Spotlight: Seth Goldstein

Seth has been in the digital marketing and WordPress space for more that 15 years. He helps companies of all sizes get found online through various digital marketing techniques including Web design/development, SEO, SEM, Digital Strategy, email marketing, and podcast production. What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress? The community, hands down. There… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Seth Goldstein

Member Spotlight: Mark-Andrew Nordstrom

Skateboarding across the world and through life. I build WordPress websites at no charge. Open source everything. Life should not be transactional. What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress? Sharing the freedoms that WordPress and open source can unlock in people’s lives. What do you love most about your Post Status membership? The… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Mark-Andrew Nordstrom

Member Spotlight: Jack McConnell

I’m a one-man WordPress web design and development agency. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients, including Peter Gabriel, Disney, Real World Records, and Future Publishing. I also actively develop two WordPress plugins: Better Notifications for WP, and Content Notify. I co-host a bi-monthly WordPress-centric podcast called Pressing Matters (although this is… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Jack McConnell

Member Spotlight: Jamie Madden

Jamie is the founder and lead developer of WC Vendors Marketplace, the first free multivendor marketplace plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, launched back in 2014. He has been a developer and systems administrator for nearly 25 years. Jamie started working with WordPress back in the b2Evolution days when he learned of the WordPress project. He… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Jamie Madden

The Magic of Cooperation Between ‘Competitors’

Years ago, my friend Josh Strebel gave a talk titled “Cooperation over Competition” and it resonated deeply with me.  In fact, some of my first and best friends in WordPress were my “competitors.” (Hey Brian and Jason!) I’m very thankful that connection, cooperation and collaboration is already happening every day here in Slack, through DMs, in public, private channels and beyond. It’s… Continue reading The Magic of Cooperation Between ‘Competitors’

Member Spotlight: Nathan Ingram

Nathan is the creator of MonsterContracts, battle-tested contracts for WordPress client work. As the founder of >ADVANCE Coaching, Nathan is a Growth Coach for WordPress Business owners, helping them become more successful in their businesses. You may also have heard Nathan as the Host at iThemes Training where he teaches WordPress and business development topics… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Nathan Ingram

The Obstacle is Our Way — Together

A couple of thoughts on my mind:  Never waste a good crisis: In terms of business, I’m reminded repeatedly: When everybody hunkers down, pauses or even rushes out … maybe that’s an opportunity to take their space and lean in. Reading The Obstacle is the Way in 2014 fundamentally changed my perspective and how I operate.  The… Continue reading The Obstacle is Our Way — Together

Member Spotlight: Parvez Akther

Parvez Akther is a serial entrepreneur and open source enthusiastic. Prior to WordPress, his company built the first full featured page builder for Joomla. He’s now building ThriveDesk, an all-in-one customer support solution for SaaS and e-commerce. ThriveDesk is the first CX software that has deep integration with WordPress. What do you enjoy most about… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Parvez Akther