Member Spotlight: Leo Gopal

Leo started using WordPress in high school long before he even had an email address. He found that writing online so freely, and being someone with the affliction of a stutter, that this seemed a way in which he could finally speak freely. That was 14 years ago, and 13 years stutter free. For over… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Leo Gopal

Member Spotlight: Hazel Quimpo

Meet Hazel Quimpo, the innovative founder of The Clever, a marketing agency for small businesses based in sunny Long Beach, California. Hazel is a solopreneur and fractional CMO with years of marketing experience for tech companies, which inspired her to help small businesses gain access to the same marketing strategies and tools as big companies.… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Hazel Quimpo

Member Spotlight: Anh Tran

Anh is a WordPress developer, blogger and also a local WordPress meetup organizer in Hanoi, Vietnam. He started his first blog on WordPress in 2006 and since then, he has developed themes and plugins for WordPress. Currently, he leads the development of the Meta Box and Slim SEO plugins. What do you enjoy most about… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Anh Tran

Member Spotlight: Sophia DeRosia

Sophia has been involved in the WordPress space since she was 12 years old. Over the years she has discovered how much she loves marketing and community engagement. She is currently growing her skills as the Marketing/Sales Coordinator at WP Connects. She’s also an avid musician, and loves analyzing and creating music. What do you… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Sophia DeRosia

Member Spotlight: Michele Butcher-Jones

Michele Butcher-Jones is a lover of all things Open Source, a WordPress Core Contributor, an international speaker, and an avid campaigner to leave the world in a better place. She has spent over a decade helping others with their online presence including site building, maintaining, hosting, and security. Michele spends her working time between agency… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Michele Butcher-Jones

Member Spotlight: Taco Verdonschot

Taco joined Yoast back in 2013, after his first real experience with WordPress about 6 months before. At Yoast, Taco became the first full-time support engineer, later growing the team to its current size of almost 30 support engineers. In the meantime, he discovered the WordPress community which immediately settled in his heart. Thanks to… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Taco Verdonschot

Member Spotlight: Yvette Sonneveld

Yvette Sonneveld is a full-stack online communications professional with extensive experience in the WordPress ecosphere. She has been involved in the global WordPress marketing team since 2017, and has been a team rep for the team for over three years. She is an experienced international speaker and workshop host and currently leads the community team… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Yvette Sonneveld

Member Spotlight: Talisha Lewallen

Talisha Lewallen is the CEO and Founder of WPConnects, and the Founder and President of CertifyWP Foundation. Through her time in WordPress she has found a passion for education and training inside the WordPress Community. WPConnects is a company that assists transitioning U.S. Military personnel to find their next careers in WordPress. CertifyWP Foundation is… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Talisha Lewallen

Member Spotlight: Alex Stine

From Alex: Building my first self-hosted WordPress blog is what introduced me to the world of tech and eventually my first few jobs with Incsub. At Incsub, I started out in Tech Support for the first year helping clients fix their websites. Next, I transitioned in to Front-End and Accessibility Web Development. Here I picked… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Alex Stine

Member Spotlight: Seth Goldstein

Seth has been in the digital marketing and WordPress space for more that 15 years. He helps companies of all sizes get found online through various digital marketing techniques including Web design/development, SEO, SEM, Digital Strategy, email marketing, and podcast production. What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress? The community, hands down. There… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Seth Goldstein