Member Spotlight: Estela Rueda

UX strategist in love with WordPress. I talk too much and question everything. Writer of too many to-do lists and an eternal learner. Observant of people and their behaviour. Lately, I have been learning the beauty of female friendship (for context, growing up my best friends were always men.) And my favorite sites are those… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Estela Rueda

Member Spotlight: Blake Bertuccelli-Booth

About Blake I am an outcome-oriented community builder and technologist passionate about promoting equitable access to information. As Owner of Decubing Web Services, I have made significant strides in creating a more inclusive digital landscape for clients and customers. I have held various leadership roles, including CEO and Co-Founder of Edupack Inc. and Co-Owner of… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Blake Bertuccelli-Booth

Member Spotlight: Patrick Posner

Patrick Posner is a self-employed WordPress developer who is building, maintaining, and selling several popular WordPress products, from Simply Static – the most popular static site generator plugin for WordPress to OllieWP, together with Mike McAlister, where they build the future of WordPress themes. What do you enjoy most about working in WordPress? The community.… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Patrick Posner

Member Spotlight: Carl Alexander

Carl Alexander is a PHP developer from Montréal, Canada. He’s the solo founder of Ymir, a serverless DevOps platform for WordPress. He also has a website where he publishes articles regularly. It’s his way to help the WordPress community with these hard-to-learn topics. It’s also why he was excited to speak at WordCamp Asia in… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Carl Alexander

Member Spotlight: Lana Miro

I’m Lana, 27 years old, but I feel much older :D. Why? I suppose because I attended so may events, offline conferences, and trainings during my university time. So it allowed me to travel abroad, meet new people, and gain much knowledge (mainly about the environment and community influence). Thus, when Covid time came, let… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Lana Miro

Member Spotlight: Jay Walsh

Jay Walsh leads communications and PR for WooCommerce, the internet’s most-used ecommerce platform. Jay has over 20 years of communications experience spanning tech, public media, open source, gaming, and the public sector. When asked at a party about a “neat thing he once did,” Jay usually says it was joining the (then very-small) start-up team… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Jay Walsh

Member Spotlight: Justin Sainton

Zao started with an 18-year-old Justin Sainton printing grainy flyers on his home printer and knocking on doors to land his first few jobs. Now his version of fun is juggling five kids and annoying his wife with Instagram quiz filters. He’s come a long way. With Zao now going 18 years strong, Justin enjoys… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Justin Sainton

Member Spotlight: Chris Reynolds

Chris is a Senior Software Engineer and technical lead of the CMS Platform team at Pantheon. Before joining Pantheon, Chris has been a Senior Engineer at Human Made, working on Human Made’s Altis Digital Experience platform, a Developer Lead for WebDevStudios, an author of online training videos for Pluralsight, a developer, project manager and support… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Chris Reynolds

Member Spotlight: Piccia Neri

Piccia Neri is a UX and accessible design lead, consultant and speaker, helping businesses and agencies win on the web by putting users at the centre. She loves educating designers and developers in the best UX, UI and accessibility practices via workshops, courses, and talks, in 3 languages. Championing accessibility with a focus on creativity… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Piccia Neri

Member Spotlight: Laura Coronado

With a love for all things marketing and communications, Laura Coronado manages the marketing strategies, initiatives, and efforts for WebDevStudios and Pluginize. She has over 25 years of marketing and communications experience, including time spent working in healthcare, entertainment, eCommerce, and public affairs. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and has previously… Continue reading Member Spotlight: Laura Coronado